Should I be concerned?

Hi all,

Have been sat in the background, seems a very long few months waiting for some sort of diagnosis and still nothing concrete.

Anyhow, had a ct scan of my lungs a week ago, went to doctors on Monday, could feel a chest infection coming on. The doctor advised that i had a chest xray. I explained that I only recently had a CT scan, nope he sends me to xray. Radiologist wont do the xray. Tells me the results and a comprehensive report of the CT scan are viewable to her and that an xray wouldn'tshow what the CT does, she advised that my GP ask the hospital to fax the results. He asked, then finally phoned me yesterday, apologised for taking so long, but my consultant will not release the results of the scan to him ๐Ÿ˜

Now i have to wait until January when I see the consultant, trying not to be concerned, but at the back of my mind is a little niggle that won't go away ๐Ÿ˜•

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  • Oh, that is so so frustrating, and annoying, and, and, and. All I can say is that this seems to happen so often. There should be an easier way. I am sending ring soothing calming hugs and thoughts you way.

  • Hi Wez,

    Consultants tend to prefer to talk to you personally about test results, rather than rely on the GP to do it second hand. You are then in a position to discuss your ongoing treatment with your consultant who will write to your GP telling them how to treat you. I wouldn't worry too much about what the ct shows. If there was anything drastic they would be wanting to see you sooner. Good luck and have a lovely Christmas.

  • Thank you, I believe in what will be will be, but just so frustrating when I can't walk more than 10ft without being breathless and coughing :(

    Thankfully I am not back at work until after Christmas, it's been a struggle to work these last few months as it is, no way could I work at the moment, needs must though so hopefully I will improve soon x

  • How frustrating for you Wez :( As stillstanding says, try not to worry too much, if it was anything drastic they would have brought your appointment forward. Has your gp prescribed any meds if you feel you have an infection or do you have to wait until January for that too? Take care and good luck for results in January x

  • Hi Jaynair

    I have now got amoxycilin and steroids, didn't get them until yesterday as he wanted to see what was in the report first. I have asthma, but I know this is something else, just from the way I feel, hence the concern. My uncle and my nan both had heart and lung problems and I know I am submitting the same symptoms :(

    My dad passed away from lung cancer, he was a smoker, but still not a nice thing to watch.

    At least that is one thing on my side, I don't smoke. Just been around it all my life :(

  • Bless you Wez, I can understand why you're concerned but try not to worry overmuch (easier said than done sometimes, I know). Concentrate on getting better with the meds and see if you can find something to distract you from thinking about it all the time. (I find that getting into a good book does it for me - it allows me to escape the real world for a while) :) Wishing you all the best x

  • Good morning Wez,

    Sometimes it seems like a game of pass the parcel but never getting to open it. There is an awful lack of communication in many areas of the NHS, but Stillstanding has the answer for you, and I wouldn't worry either.

    Enjoy your Christmas.

  • From what i can read it sounds like you have a brilliant consultant who wants to speak only to you so have confidence in knowing whatever is or isnt on it your consultant wont be pushed around by anyone :)

  • Thank you Mandy, never thought of it like that.

    You may well be right x

  • There is nothing better than a scan,, im amazed your doctor sent you for another xray and i have met enough doctors in the last 3 years to know that some of them dont have a clue

    Enjoy Christmas , eat drink and be merry ,, January will soon come round x

  • I am now sat with a smile on my face, for 5 years my breathing has got worse and it took one doctor at the beginning of this year to decide to listen to me and agree that I should see a specialist. unfortunately there are few specialist GPS. I will drink, eat and be merry....I have heard Gin is a good medicine ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • I once got drunk on Gin and had a hangover for 3 days :)

  • I too had a CT scan a week ago and won't get to know the result until I see my consultant in January. Try not to dwell on it, January is not that far away now.

  • Hi your GP should have access to any tests you have. I had a MRI scan a few weeks ago and my GP had the results the next day it was asked for by the hospital still not heared from hospital

  • What great replies you've had! Hope the steroids and antibiotics help you feel better soon - that will make the wait a bit easier.

    Can see you sitting there with a smile on your face, a book in one hand and a bottle of gin in the other. Enjoy your Christmas - January will soon come.

    Sue x ๐ŸŽ„ ๐ŸŽ„ โœจ ๐ŸŽ„

  • Lol, sending hubby out for the Gin, got my crochet out. Not going to worry, will let you all know the outcome though when I get the results. Just posing on here has eased my worries, it's good to be able to speak to others who have gone through and or are going through similar.

    Have a brilliant Christmas all and hope the New Year is a good one xx

  • Hi Wez Isn't this a great forum & aren't you glad you joined? The wonderful & logical advice you have been given has obviously made you feel a whole lot better & that is marvellous. Wishing you & your family the best possible Christmas & that all goes well for you in January. Enjoy the gin ๐Ÿธ๐Ÿธ๐Ÿธ๐Ÿธ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š.Penny xx

  • I really am at a loss to understand how the nhs works sometimes, surely your health is of joint concern between your gp and consultant. My consultant always notifies my gp after I have been to see him telling him of any changes in medication etc. My x rays and scans can be accessed by both. Making you wait until January for your ct results is bad. Why make you wait that long.

  • I had a CT scan in September. After 6 weeks of phoning to get results I phoned my doc to get antibiotics and steroids She asked me about my scan and I told her the problem I was having. She said it'll be lying on a desk somewhere. She phoned me 5 mins later with my results and gave me a prescription for meds that respiratory doc recommended. A total joke

  • Happy New Year everyone.

    Well I am still in complete shock. Saw my consultant today for the results of my Ct and lung function tests.

    Diagnosis is; emphysema - with 50% lung function.

    Elevated white cells in the lungs that are associated with parasites??

    Bronchitis too.

    Not bad for a non smoker in her 40's.

    He is baffled by all the things he has found and will be consulting with colleagues before undertaking biopsies in the near future.

    Devastated, shocked, but want to battle. Any advice peeps?

    No wonder I struggle to do a mornings work!

  • I'm glad that you finally have a diagnosis. My problems were always put down to the same thing. My weight. I've not been heavy for long Only since my knee was in agony and at the same time I was having foot problems Lots of people say get walking Well I wish I could I have now been diagnosed with Bronchiectasis and my symptoms make sense now I have never taken a day off work even at my worst I wish you luck in your future investigations Keep us posted. X

  • This has hit you hard and that is not surprising. Do ring the BLF specialist respiratory nurses for advice on 03000 030 555 during office hours.

  • Thank you for replying. Trying to be strong, there are many of you who are worse off than me.

    I will ring them tomorrow when I get home from work. X

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