Illness Diseases Family & Guilt

Illness Diseases Family & Guilt

My experience of disease illness is SOMETIMEs disease illness can be easer to live with then TRYING to be happy find your happiness again.

Illness disease guilt is very good at trying to rob you of your Family & Happiness joy Laughs you once had.

YOU can do FORGET how to be happy ... so you do need to STEP back take a minute and remember and not waste opportunity any opportunities to be happy and tell those close to you how much you love them and mean.

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  • Very true, Daz, and an apt picture. How are you feeling and how is your dad? xxx

  • Hi thanks .. Dads very weak but trying IS sad really if my dads going to go BE natural not threw neglect.

    Thats what i told he's social worker BUT am hoping wont come to that .. Think dads got few miles yet JUST dont trust where he is with is care needs

  • I hope he's got a good few miles yet too. Any idea when he may be able to come home?

  • Am not sure am trying to grt him home befoure xmas OR be after xmas holiday.

    Is eating drinking but not what is needed.

    Guna get tub peanut butter and take him drink almond milk hopfully he will have bit and swig

    Then sit there wait for xmas mirical's

  • I'm having a word with Santa...xx

  • That's so true. It's very easy to forget that we're the same person inside, and not being as well as we were doesn't change that.

    Beautiful photo and very appropriate.

    Your post suggests something which makes me think of 'learning the hard way', if you see what I mean. I hope your dad is more peaceful now and that you're coping?

    Take care, Sue x

  • cheers thanks think we all been there Watfordgirl sadly do know what you mean think thats why did post as is so easy to forget

  • Maybe it could be posted every week, just so that we don't forget?!

    🙂 x

  • They would prob forget BUT like ya idea

  • Very true Daz ! That's one thing I constantly remind myself - to grab every chance to be happy, every chance to do something pleasurable or fun. With serious illness, despite our very best attempts, we can't always prevent Flare-ups or deterioration. That's why it's doubly important to take control of our choice to experience happiness, as much and as often as possible.

  • I had forgot how to be happy it WAS he's admiral nurse who told us reminded us about tragedy of he's disease and how we need to grab every min happiness and laugh more as WE will never beat it.

    Told us lifes full of regrets dont let this be one.

  • So true. Thank you for reminding me. Some days are harder than others. I love the photo.

  • Cheers thanks n so true

  • So true JAS and l love the picture. You can forget who you are and illness becomes overwhelming.

    Pete and l count our blessings and deal with each day as it comes.

    Thinking of you and your dear dad. Take care xxxx

  • Hi sassy cheers glad you pete are strong ... defo helps in hard times

    I sit looking at my broken dad wishing so much hoping for a xmas mirical i know is not going to come true.

    So i settle for him coming home.

  • Very well said

  • How is your dad doing now? Better I hope

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