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50 Days after a chest infection and brown specks in phlegm

Hello to everyone. I had a chest infection 50 days ago and my chest had rattling sounds and green / yellow phlegms. My GP prescribed AB's and i was feeling better even from day 3. Although i kept taking the ABs for more than 10 days ( Azithromycin 600mg).

The rattling sounds dissapeared but i had a very minor cough and i was coughing brown / greenish specks in the phlegm. I went to a lung doctor and he told me it is post-infection pus and that my lungs are clearing out. I have no breathing problems , i even run 5km every day and there's no shortness of breath. But i am still having these brown specks and i can still feel that my lungs are kinda "not completely ok " .

i cough 2-3 times a day which i think it's ok.

Anyone else had the same problem ?

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Your doctor could be right George but go back to him if you are not happy as Christmas is just around the corner.

Take care xxxx

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Well done for the running I would go back to your GP ask him to send you for a x-ray it would put your mind at rest


Good morning George,

It's great to see you are continuing to is such a help if you can do this. If you are worried at all, you should of course go back to your doctor and tell them of your concerns, then they can either offer more treatment or put your mind at rest, in that you are healing You have to look out for yourself.

I wish you all the best.


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I went back to the doc , i went for Xray Scan , which was clear .

2 Blood Tests , i am good , It's just that my chest infection takes time to clear out and get rid of of tthe post - infection pus created in the lungs.

i wish you all Merry Christmas ! x x x !

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RUN 5 miles a day? Haha I'm lucky if I can WALK 5 miles a week- full of envy! However very glad things are now going well for you and happy Christmas to you too!


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