Bloody Montelukast

I've tried everything I can think off with this dam pill ,( sorry) I was put ON it last year ,but I was also having other health problems and so was taking quite a few knew to me pills ,,,,so I wasn't sure which of the new ones were causing me to have sleep problems so back then I stopped the lot,,,,,, and I got some sleep ,,,,since then the other heALTH problems have successfully been sorted ,,,,,,,so consultant asked me to try it again ,,,,,I have to say ,, my breathing is a bit better ( asthma ) But I need to SLEEP ,,,,Im supposed to take it an hour before bed time ,,,,I get zombie nightmares ,,,,,,no comment Malcom ,,,,πŸ€” ,,, I tried To take it last minute as my eyes close ,,,,, 4/5 am still awake ,,,,,,πŸ€”,,,,,so I missed last nights pill and took it this morning ,,,,5/15 am ,,,,shopping on line now as had no sleep again ,,, sooooo zzzzzzzz tired exhausted ,,,etc etc ,,,,I've been on it since I saw consultant in September,,,,I see him again on 22nd December,,,,and I might ,,,,,I might ,,,,no I AM going to tell where the pills are going ,,,,, imagine ,

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  • How awful for you Nanny. Do let the doctor know how you feel and hope you get some much needed sleep. Take care xxxxx

  • Not a wink last night sassy ,,,,not a wink ,,,,zzzzzz xxπŸ˜’πŸ˜˜

  • Bless you Nanny, is that you l can hear snoring? Xxxxx

  • Sadly not sassy, ,,,,I haven't stopped all day ,,,,just had early dinner and a bath and I've got into bed ,,, scared to drop off Incase I have another night like last night ,I honestly don't have the strength to type this ,,, but I'm going to switch off now and at least rest ,,, No pill today ,,,,,my desision ,,,,,eyes tested tomorrow,and I'm covered in bruises from the steroids for my chest infection ,,,,,,,,going to the Carol service in the morning ,so ill say thankyou for listening ,night night god bless xxπŸ™‹πŸ›ŒπŸ€’πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ™

  • Night Nanny and bless you too. Try and rest and have a good day tomorrow. Xxxx😘

  • I found Monteleukast made no difference to my asthma and I tried it three times, but my daughter found it ok

    But strangely enough I had weird experiences ....don't laugh Mm ....bit like sleepwalking, once found myself sleeping at the wrong end of the bed.

    It's the Clenil inhaler that gives me nightmares.....keep on waking in a panic ...then sleep, more nightmares. I tried cutting back on the dose , but then wheeze gets worse. Hey ho.

    It's miserable getting no sleep, but I am glad your other health problems have eased . Good luck with the consultant appointment .

  • Thank you knitter ,,,,,I hope your ok ,xx

  • It's awful not being able to sleep, especially when it's more than just one night :( I do hope your appt with the consultant goes well and that you get it sorted xx

  • Me to jaynair ,,,,me to ,,,,it's been almost 3 months of either no sleep AT ALL ,,,,NIGHT MARES,,,,HEAD ACHES ,,,,,AND HYPERACTIVITY,,,,,,IM LIKE IN WHEELS ,,,,but not tiday ,,,I'm shattered ,xx

  • That's AWFUL Nanny - I have steroid deprived sleep temporarily when Im on pred, but not otherwise. 3 months, that's appalling. Please do go back and explain that you can't go on like this.

  • I see consultant on 22nd so trying to hold on till then ,but I've not take. It today I need a nights sleep ,but I'm also on steroids for a chest infection , And I'm hyperactive ,,,, have t stopped all day ,,,just one job after another ,hubby ran me a bath and I'm now in bed resting ,,,,,hoping for a sleep tonight ,

    Thankyou for taking time to reply x

  • It would be much more usual for the steroids to be causing the insomnia Nanny - you sure it's not that? Asking because how you describe doing all these jobs is exactly how I am when Im on prednisolone - the house gleams, and Im exhausted but still can't sleep. But then Im also seeing that it's been like this for 3 months.

    Could you not schedule a phone appointment with your doctor? Or even call the consultant's secretary and ask for his advice about this insomnia? It's not healing to get so little sleep.

  • Hi ,thanks for the advise ,that's a couple of you that gave suggested it could be the steroids ,it's a few years since I had them so I can't remember how I was ,,,,but it seems you could be right ,I gave t took my Montelukast since yesterday morning ,and I took my last dise of steroids this morning ,so box Thursday/Friday I should notice something ,,,,,if I sleep tonight I'll take Montelukast tomorrow night and see how I go on ,I've got the British lung foundation nurse ringing me tomorrow I'll ask her about the steroids to,,,,there seems something in what you say ,thank you for taking time to talk ,I'll put a post on in a couple of days ,,,,to let everyone know how things are ,,,,,my lovely on Line friends ,

  • Good luck Nanny :) :)

  • Thankyou πŸ˜’

  • Morning Nanny1086 I really sympathise with you not being able to sleep.

    I have many sleepless nights but my problems are caused by steroids which I have to take to avoid even worse problems.

    Wifey has been taking Montelukast for a number of years without any side effects. Maybe she is one of the lucky ones. She has found it very beneficial in helping with her Asthma.

    One of the problems with people taking multiple medications is how all the tablets/medicine etc, interact with each other. Goodness knows what they are doing once they are mixed together inside us. We put a lot of trust in the medical profession to know what they are doing is correct but do they?

    You have already tried altering your medication to try and rectify your problem so I don't know what else to suggest apart from talking to your GP/Consultant again.

    I hope you get some sleep soon.


  • John ,,,I think your right ,tine to ring GP ,,,,,I'm pleased your wife is ok on it ,,,,and I too am feeling the benefits that's why I've struggled on with it ,,,,but after last night ,,,,its time to possibly stop them ,Zzzzzzzzz,πŸ›Œ

  • Hi Nanny

    Sorry but l have no experience of Montelukast, but now you have narrowed that down to being the culprit for your lack of sleep, pluck up the courage and tell your consultant.....

    Politely πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‡ ask him if he could carry on functioning with zero hours sleep night after night, then , answer for you couldn't, and neither can l ...!! Just tell him you are not taking it any longer.

    Good luck Gal...stand your ground with him.

    On a lighter note, if you don't stop taking it......

    1) You will bankrupt yourself with on line shopping πŸ˜‚

    2) You will be awake when Santa comes, and he won't leave you any prezies πŸ˜‚


  • Hahahahaha hahahahaha , , good job hubby got fed up of me being on my iPad all night or reading and toook himself off into another bedroom,,,,don't blame him really ,,,,and I don't have to get frustrated as he snores away ,,,,,and he thinks I'm playing games on iPad all night ,,,,,not shopping hahaha, I hope Santa will bring a nice present even a letter from GP to say STOP THEM PILLS NOW ,,,,I'd be happy with that ,,,,,,and don't sleep Xmas eve anyway toooooooooo excited ,,,,xx

  • Not going to sleep on Christmas prepared for a sack of coal !!!!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸŽ…πŸŽ…xx

  • I ll close my eyes ,, no more coal for me I'm. Married to an ex miner ,,,haha xx

  • Keep them closed even if you hear him πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


  • Hi I have taken this for years and don't have a problem with it. I take mine at night. My grandson takes his in morning cos it gave him nightmares. I have brittle asthma. I'm 64 and had asthma since a baby. It helps me. My doc told me it dosnt matter if you take it morn or evening. Best wishes xx

  • I tried taking it in the morning yesterday ,,,,,hence no sleep I'm soooo hyperactive,,it helps with my breathing ,,,,,but I need sleep ,

  • I take it after dinner in the evening, around seven pm. Been on it now since 2014 and am not aware of any specific side effects. I have problems with sleep and weird dreams but can't single out any specific med as being the cause. Except of course when I'm taking steroids, then I blame those little devil's smarties for everything :)

  • Oh buggar ,,,,,I'm on them and antibiotics as I have a chest infection to , ,,,,I'm glad your ok on it ,πŸ€’πŸ˜˜

  • im on the same tablet I find them ok sleep wise but im not sure if they help my breathing much I got put on them as consultant thought I might have an asthma element to the copd now say I don't but left me on the pills I think if I wasn't sleeping for as long as you I would have taken my self off them , I hope you manage to get some sleep tonight , alao hope your chest infection soon clears up too , take care

  • Awwwww thanks Malcom ,,,,your being very understanding,,,,so I think the pills are helping in you ,,,,,but in a different way ,,,, hahaha,

    I started with asthma then advanced to ,bronchiectasis ,then emphasyma,,,,COPD , Dam ciggerettes ,, stopped 1992 on first diagnosis ,,,,,but tooo late damage done,,,,the reason I've stayed on the pills is ,,,he wanted me to go on supplymentary oxygen when out and about ,,,,that ain't going to happen so I agreed to give them 3 months ,,,,, 22nd ,,,desions will be made ,,,,, β›ͺοΈπŸ™

  • mine is emphysema too but is a lot of asthma in my family , im not always sure if they really know if you have a bit of it mixed in with the emphysema or not

  • Twins

  • Hi Nanny, it could be the steroids making you hyper....I know they do me.

    I end up cleaning everything in sight and cutting back half the garden, all with little sleep. And buying stuff!

    Then I come down with a thump

  • Knitter ,I think your on the right track ,well I took my last dose of the course this morning and not the Montelukast,,,,so hopefully I'll get some sleep ,but thanks for reminding me of what else it could be ,,

  • Hi, that's awful.

    I have to say I've taken them for 2 years with no ill effects.take at night before bed.

    Prednisolone leaves me with little sleep and feeling absolutely dreadful though - you sure it's not them?

    When my sleep is compromised I take half an an antihistime tablet by 9pm (otherwise I'd be knocked out half the morning), they help me back into a good sleep routine - I know I shouldn't be suggesting anyone take a drug, however, this works for me. Good luck. P

  • I will try that tonight ,,,,as I don't want to start taking sleeping pills ,,,knitter said the same thing about the steroids ,, you could both be onto something ,, Took the last dose of course today ,,, so fingers crossed , And thank you ,

  • I was put on Montelucast in the summer by my consultant. I wasn't sure about it at first and stopped taking but when back on it after a week as it seemed to improve my breathing a bit. The consultant told my GP how much better I was and how everything was better but it wasn't . Just had to get an emergency appointment with my doctor as I couldn't breathe even after my salbutamol!

    I took get strange dreams and wake up feeling down and very anxious. I have got anxious in the past but not like this.

  • Just been put on antibiotics and what's sleep?

  • Sorry I've forgotten,,,,,

  • I'm not a good sleeper at the best of times,,,, but I'm not the anxious type ,,,,,but nightmares monsters etc etc ,,,,and Then change time of taking ,,,,and no sleep at all but still hyperactive ,,,,

  • I have vampire disease anyway (pernicious anemia lol) as well as other stuff . I don't remember the last time I had more than five hours sleep

  • 5 hours ,,,, I'd cut my big toe off right now for five hours sleep ,

  • Thanks Nanny,

    Consultant prescribed this for me about 10 weeks ago (seemed to think that COPD was something to do with "verging on asthma!" ... whatever that is supposed to mean!

    About 8 weeks ago I started complaining to the wife that I was feeling pretty s**t (technical term) which has got worse, sleep almost 24/7 (supposed to work full time!) and generally was starting to look forward to being placed in a wooden box - yes, THAT bad!

    And then you post this! Rechecked the symptoms (meet around 90% of all of them!) and stopped the tablets! So far there is little improvement that I can see/feel but it's only a few days in - I have a note to review towards the end of January to see if they are the culprit.

    Your post has helped identify (I think) the cause of my downward spiral so, thank you and good luck with your sleep quest

  • It's almost ,,,,almost worth my NOT sleeping etc etc etc ,knowing I might have helped you ,,,,my pleasure ,,,,best wishes ,I see my consultant on 22dec so fingers crossed ,,,,,,for both of us ,,,,.one thing I would say is. I keep,a diary ,,,,,not going shopping or doctors etc ,,,,,but on each day I just right good day , or bad day ,, on the bad days I put a big star in the corner of the page and right why it was a bad day , Especially if I'm on new medication etc ,,, then before I go to see consultant or GP ,,,,,I make a quick note of things I want to point out, , As I can get a bit overwhelmed when them ,,,,thus way I can just say ,,,,,,,And I take the diary with the turned down pages ,, with me ,,,just Incase he thinks I've made a quick note etc etc ,

    Wishing us both and all of us a very happy Christmas and a healthier new year ,,,,,,

    Oh let me know how you get on ,πŸ€”πŸ‘

  • Two weeks on and I feel so much better! Stopping the Montelukast has had no effect whatsoever on my breathing but massive impact on, in particular, my mental health.

    I don't think I'm mentally weak, I work fulltime (mental work), keep active both physically and mentally (as best I can) and have a reasonable social life so, I cant see anything else causing the mental spiral whilst taking that damn tablet!

    Guess some will say I'm wrong but I don't plan to do anything about it until my sleep apnoea appointment next May. See what happens then.

  • I totally understand your reasons for stopping the montelukast ,,,,I think it's a stringer pill than doctors realize ,,,,I really struggled to find a time that was right for me to take it ,as if I followed instructions on pkt ,i.e.; an hour before bedtime ,, then I had night mares ,,but if I took it at 6/7 pm I was awake ALL NIGHT hyper active ,,,,now I take it the very very last thing before I close my eyes ,, and as long as I don't toss and turn and fall asleep straight away ,then I sleep well ,,,,I did ask the consultant why can't we take it in the morning ,, his reply was ,,, " I've often thought the same thing ,,,,give it a try " and I will try that IF my routine of sleep changes again ,,,, maybe you could try taking it the morning ,,,,then you would be active during the day when we need to be , And then sleep at night ,, either way ,,,YOU do what's best for you ,,, Best wishes for good health and sleep well ,

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