Is this inappropriate to trow at GP reseptionest

Is this inappropriate to trow at GP reseptionest

With instutions to give my dads GP thst wrote it 4 weeks ago thst i ended up arguing with.

Sorry bout writing am very aggrieved given dads deteriorating condition.

Ad like to be posative but looking at him thinking he's sat in a car WHEN in reality is sloched over bed in hospital callinh our cats thats not there.

Is hard.

O i nearly forgot my dads GP works for ATOS private intrest.

Reading doctors letter a cant help thinking he is using is private intrest opinon and not public.

Clearly i tthink he should left is provate opinion out of Genral Pratice.

I realy do hope he as a great xmas like i am going to.

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  • There seems to be no help for your dear dad JAS and that's deplorable. It is so sad and l just want to send good wishes and comfort to you both. Your dad has a good son with him even if the poor man doesn't realise that. Xxxx

  • Feff, I wouldn't trust ANY medic working for ATOS. The ATOS doctors are usually foreign doctors yet to secure a position, retired or, quite frankly, so broke they have to work for ATOS. I have several friends who are GPs. NONE of them would consider working for ATOS.

  • Sorry, Jeff not Feff :-/ My bad.

  • nice to see some gps still have morals in this privitisation and greed madness

  • Not just a lack of greed, reiver. The BMC (British Medical Council) are clearly against ATOS practices and have advised doctors not to participate. Whilst not mandatory, it would prove very risky if a GP faces an official complaint against them.

  • oh Geoff really sorry for ur situation but whatever u do don't loose ur temper in health centre they r allowed to strike peopleoff because of their eye colour can ur mp do anything wood you consider the local press can u think of a friend to help u anythingxxis wot about them altziemer nurses

  • So sorry Jeff that you seem to be getting so little help and support. Your Dad is fortunate to have you on his side and looking out for him. I hope you get manage to get something sorted. xx

  • I would also try and get help from my MP certainly worth a try. In the meantime carry on being as supportive as you can to your Dad while trying to keep your cool as losing our tempers just adds to the problem. Thinking of you both

  • Jeff, also remember you are able to make a complaint to the BMC regarding a GP. However, you must complete any internal complaints proceedure first. Over the last five years I have won 16 out of 16 court cases against ATOS. In one case, a nurse was suspended who now no longer works for ATOS.

  • Sorry your saga is stiil going on Jeff, you must be drained of clear thinking by now. It is your dads doctor that needs a roosting, your dad should be getting better community care and help for the family carers including yourself. Please blast off here as I for one would like to know and support you. This is definately not what i would want for a dementia patient, what ever happened to care and dignity. It is very hard to watch your parent being treated like this and cope with your own feelings, I would be ranting to, then sad after as I know anger solves nought and leaves you more upset that you ranted at the wrong one . But anger has to come out it is part of the process of greif of losing the person you knew even though they are still there, it is because you care so much about your dad. This is just a suggestion try contacting MIND they can be very supportive at times of emotional stress in these circumstances, you need someone who can help with your distress so you are able to continue to support your dad. A little bit of care can go a long way to ease your stress. Take care xx

  • So very well said Katie

  • Rather than throw it at the receptionist, I'd hang on to the note while you try to find another GP for your father, Daz. It might become useful in showing why he needs a proper doctor.

    Keep doing your wonderful job as his guardian angel and watch dog. I hope he will soon be back home. xxx

  • Dear JAS,sorry can only post like this. You always have had your lovely Dads best interests at heart and it is the doctors etc that have fallen far short of quality care. Thank goodness you are so on the ball and not at all bothered by the immense amount of burocrocy(can't spell it so sorry). Its a fight to get absolutely everything your Dad is entitled to. Keep your chin up and pass on my wishes for a happier New Year for all your family.

  • I feel so bad for you my friend. It is the hardest thing to see someone you love mistreated and feel helpless. Just know in your heart you are doing your best and from what you are saying about your dad he is unaware hopefully. Get him a stuffed cat at the store that might calm him down bless his soul.

  • Sorry for all your troubles Daz.....just to say that when my mother was in hospital she couldn't be discharged until a care package was put in place.

    This was in Wales, but I guess it's the same in England. Can you speak to the nursing staff and your Dads social worker, to discuss the matter.

    Thinking of you, I went through it with my late mother when she developed a type of dementia so I have some idea what your family is suffering.

  • Oh I'm so sorry and I understand the frustration you are going through. Many years ago not long after I stated my training my nan came to live with us she to had Alzheimer's and it was down to mom to take care of her as well as holding down a full time job.

    Nan was really bad we had no support from the NHS or local GP in the end she pulled her catheter out and she was sent in to the local hospital where she died 10 days later.

    Alzheimer's is such a cruel disease and costly to care for I don't know of a quick fix other than going to another GP who is not working for Atos he probably thinks your dad should be out working

  • So very sorry that you're having to deal with this totally unacceptable situation. My heart goes out to you. XXX

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