What is more Destructive

What is more Destructive

For past few month's my dad as been on blisster packs MOST he's 12 pills aday are of a morning.

Of a evening bed time this one pill like a bullet.

Its called Lipitor 80 mg and i have long suspected it makes my dads diabetes hard to manage 18. - 20 to pont of all metofotmin dont work.

By all i mean 3 a day .. My dads sufferd bad feet and swelling due to high blood suger.

Since we cut back on lipator my dads feet apart from toe nails are in great shape and is blood suger is normal range where one metofotmin pill controls he's diabetices.

So one as to ask given my dads blood suger wile on lipitor was in 18 - 20 + and he was looking at going onto injections clearly that cant be a good thing given damage diabetes dose to nerve blood vesals.

For years we have strugled and even doctors have made me and my mum feel guilty WHEN infact it was not stuff dad was eating but a lipator 80mg satin that was causing high blood siger hard to manage diabetes.

Sure enouth dads in hospital and geting he's lipator and now is blood suger as gone from seven when he was here back up to dobble figuers.

Needless to say i will be having word with his GP about our guilt and lipator and keeping my eye open for feet swelling once again


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  • think these GPs will prescribe drugs to treat us which can cause other problems it can end up like a merry go-round

  • Then try to pin blame on us when wheels fall off or say we not doing enouth to manage condition.

  • yes but we all know GPs are God 😆

  • I know what my dads is and thats not first thing that comes into my mind .

  • Now now you don't want to end up on the naughty step with Velvet and I lol

  • Yet another battle to fight JAS, l do wish you well. Xxx

  • Hi a lot of medication comes with side effects. I have to take tablets for Psoriatic arthritis and have to have blood tests every 2 weeks due to bad side effects when I have to take antibiotics I have to stop taking that medication . As they are immunesupressants but I still have to take them because they are controlling the arthritis

  • I guess you had heads up off ya doctor WE never had such curtsy to be told in advance.

    We was given diet stuff and never onces was we told by he's GP lipator could make blood suger hard to manage even when i have asked they have never said it could.

    Just we must try harder and pisses you off as he never had out with sugar.

  • Sorry you don't seem to be getting the right treatment for your dad. Your GP should have told you about the side effects. Most gps I see tell you if there are any side effects you should know about. With me it was the consultant at the rheumytolagy clinic that told my GP to do the blood tests. It is so bad that everyone is treated different. I feel so much for you take care

  • Its all its been really and me dad dont like to make a fuss

    Needless to say am in control now and i dont let any off em get away woth out.

    Expecting to be treated fairly and respect is not mich of a ask.

    Lot of it is commen sence decency that seems to be very much so lacking when we go to our GPs

    Guess this lot bring ATOS sode line works into genral pratice

  • Lipitor is for high cholesterol but 80g seems a high dose- I think this is the maximum dose.

    My partner is only on 20mg

    Maybe check it out with his GP

  • Ditch the statin and watch his health improve. Statins cause more trouble and solve nothing. As well as causing diabetes, they are responsible for chronic joint pain, early onset dementia, erectile disfunction, whilst they are not designed to cure anything. The only people to benefit from mass prescription of statins are the big pharmaceutical companies and the medical profession.

  • Nonsense.There is good evidence that statins reduce heart attack risk.

  • "Evidence" selectively filtered and managed to present the case for mass medication. 75% of heart attacks occur in people with normal cholesterol. Instead of sucking up the marketing crap from Big Pharma do yourself a favour and learn a little about the wonderful life promoting properties of cholesterol. I highly recommend

    "The Great Cholesterol Con" by Malcolm Kendrick but wouldn't expect you to read it as you clearly know all there is to know about it.

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