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Hello Everyone,

May I start by wishing everyone a very Happy and Healthy Christmas and 2017 🎄

I have Bronchiectasis and have not been taking my antibiotics and my voice isn't croaky anymore. I've been like this for 10+ weeks now and it's ever since I have been MASSAGING Vics into my feet twice a day.

Give it a go for all lung and chest conditions but DONT stop your medication that was my choice!

Make sure that you spend about 5 minutes massaging Vics into each foot paying particular attention to the middle of your foot and toes twice a day putting socks on after..I do mine just before getting into bed and then around lunchtime.

It may not work for you and may just be a coincidence for me but give it a go as what have you got to loose?

If you do try it let me know in the comments how you have got on..dose it work for you?

Good luck everyone 🍀


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Oh the Vicks. How I remember it from my childhood! On the chest, on the feet. Unfortunately I've still got the bronch. Your voice isn't croaking now because you stopped the antibiotics. They cause a type of thrush in the throat which doesn't present as the thrush that you can see but can giveyou a croaky voice. Anyway, stay well, that's the most important thing.


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