What a disgrace

What a disgrace

Well have been up since 4am and 4.30 had to phone ambulance TRULY shocking and disgrace what is happing to our NHS & AMBULANCES and responce time's

Well my dad who sufferd chronic heart failular as alzersmers diabetes FELL in night going to tolet WELL trashed he's hip as can feel the ball of is leg and is legs tucked behind other when we tried to get him stood up comfortable.

Well at 6.43 we are still waiting for ambulance 2 phone calls sickness and chronic pain later ...... Well ambulance service just rang me and WELL I told them if can't send ambulance best send fire men or someone to take him hospital.

Then I told her IS disgrace and not acceptable as it could be one of your family members.

Truly utterly disgusted

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  • How truly awful JAS and l really feel for you and your poor dad. Things are definitely not right with the NHS and Pete witnessed ambulances being held up needlessly when he went to hospital with his mum a few days ago. She has dementia and was left in a corridor for several hours.

    Thinking of you and your dear dad. Xxxx

  • Hi Sassy is awful whats happing and seeing him suffer HE cant evenremember what happened.

    But am not type to let him be taken advantage of so as soon as mp gets out of his pit HE will be getting a load and commissioning groups

  • My friends mum fell and broke her collar bone, they called for an ambulance but had to wait 7 hours. They were told not to move her but had to in the end as she was laid on tiled flooring and was getting colder and colder.

    From my recent experiences with my mum, one of the issues is the time taken to discharge patients. Doctor decides to discharge, unable to do so until next day due to requiring a discharge letter which can't be produced at the time of decision, so patient effectively blocks a bed for 24 hours. This leads to patients in a&e going into back log because there is no bed to give them which in turn means that ambulances can't put patients into a & e and have to keep them on board which means, no ambulance to go to people who require help.

    I'd suggest looking at the discharge process and look to bring back something similar to the old convalescence home which require less medical support but would free up those valuable acute beds.

    A bit simplistic I know as I know there are so many other factors involved but I do wish they would work holistically.

  • I agree about the convalescent homes..I remember them.

    I also remember when there were more hospital beds.

  • I agree with convalescent homes too, and also bring back ward clerks, so that the paperwork and administration can be done by someone dedicated to that, so that the far more highly paid nursing staff can get back to nursing.

    JeffAjaxSmith, you and your father have had an awful time. Hope things are starting to work out now.

  • Instead of the old convalescent homes why not utilise an empty ward .....most hospitals have a ward left unused for one reason or another .

    Why not turn it into a ' discharge ' ward ... For the patients last 24 hours in hospital doing all the paperwork and phone calls associated with discharge.

    Just a thought.


  • How disgusting, your poor dad must have been in a lot of pain. Hope he gets better soon. Love Bernyxxx😊

  • That's a disgrace. Hope your dad gets the care he needs very soon, and that all goes well. XXX

  • Oh dear Jeff, that's just awful. Your poor Dad and it must be so distressing for you. I do hope that he is finally in hospital and hopefully being cared for. Please keep us up to date.

  • Hi Stillstanding ambulance turned up at 7.30 was shocked to see ball out of socket WAS horrendous geting from chair to wheelchair HIS leg would not even go on wheelchair foot rest.

    My mum did go with him and am going up now ... is hard keeping cool head when bad things are happing to us AFTER all could be anyone one of us

    Guess that's why am going to let it lie.

    Think it's inhumane to leave anyone in that much pain emergancy treatment lfor that long

  • It is inhumane and it is wrong. Maybe when you feel calmer you can make an official complaint. He should have been prioritised and he wasn't. Reading other posts and watching programmes about the London ambulance service it is obvious that there is something seriously wrong with the criteria they use when deciding which calls are important. We are all thinking about you.

  • That's shocking! Hope your Dad is by now in hospital and getting the treatment he needs x

  • I'm so sorry to hear about your dad hope he makes a speedy recovery . The picture with all the ambulance's outside the hospital reminds me of our hospital and would you believe they want to down grade our A&E and move a £28 million unit built 2 years ago back to the hospital up the road at the cost of £40 million plus this is what happens when politicians interfere with the NHS and hope hope that Gordon Brown regrets the day he brought in managers to run hospital's and even worse joining of hospitals to make trusts.

    Our first manager was a manager of nuclear waste I wonder if he would trust a nurse to service his car I don't think so. We will find out on Monday when future fit meet who's going to loose A&E they have been talking about this for 3 years and some £3 million later we could of put that in our hospital.

  • Gordon Brown has an awful lot to answer for. I imagine he thought managers would help to make hospitals super efficient, obviously - and unfortunately, he was wrong.

  • It was the sanctions he put on the hospitals that were cruel and this is why most hospitals are in financial difficulties and for this reason NHS staff are not being replaced when staff leave or retire. We had 4 doctors in the pain clinic we now have 1 another service our hospital lost was colonoscopy and when they sent it to the other hospital the consultant has his operating time cut by 75% speaks volumes 😈

  • It does indeed.

  • It is very obvious that the emergency services cannot cope with the increased numbers of people coming into this country.

  • Don't fall for the Daily Mail rubbish. Most people coming here are young and fit. It's us oldies living longer who use the services. And the NHS has been underfunded since the days of Gordon Brown.

  • Quite right. Not defending what the hapless Gordon Brown did, but we are into the second Tory administration and the problems are getting worse under their Austerity economics. Labour gave us the NHS but it is dying under the Tories.

  • Hello Jeff. That is truly shocking. Really inconceivable that an ambulance would take so long. Recently, you've been going through such a tough time. I am very sorry. How is your father now? Is he at least somewhat comfortable?

    Sending you a big hug.

    Cas xx

  • When my daughter was at Death's Door, blood poisoning, she was told there would be a two hour wait. Her partner took her to A&E where she was whisked straight to Intensive Care. She would have died if she had waited.

  • Hi I would take the money budgeted for upgrading our nuclear deterrent and pour it into the NHS. I also feel that it's not an issue of immigration but the fact we are all living longer and this is a burden on health services


  • Sorry for you, that is not right, I hope your dad is recuperating better and nothing was broken

  • HI Jeff , such sad news each day of one thing after the other , ive no been on meself much has have had me own problems deal with which as been pile it on, just seen ur post and im sadened really am jeff, i hope ur dad is comfortable well as he can be and you as well, to you i will send you my warmest hugs and ur dad my heartfelt wishes hes at least better as soon as with his family , i trully hope hes on the mend , i despair at the state what the uk was , and now as become, dog eat dog season we have to fight even for basic care which really we shouldnt have to after life time of paying into the system via taxes, national insurance payes, despair at it all, now it seems we have to fight back for anything, one door shuts ok we push the nx open and keep pushing till the message is loud and clear we are human beings we demand to be treated with due care and respect ok, and when they say ooo ur shouting am puting the tape on u, ok good a have as well so u 1st as thats what i get many times when they no listening , keep u both in my thoughts Jeff ,, xx

  • No that is terrible, your poor Dad I hope he's not to badly hurt and they look after him. It just shouldn't happen ever.huff xxx

  • Thats terrible Jeff! That wouldn't happen here. Unbelievable! I would have been raving 😠 mad. Your poor dad..I hope he's comfortable now. Ruby🌹

  • That's awful Daz and I am so sorry your poor dad had to go through this. Thank goodness when the same thing happened to my mum 5/6 years ago the ambulance was there within 7 minutes. The NHS seems to be deteriorating more every day. I hope your dad is feeling a bit better now after that ordeal.

  • Oh JAS your poor Dad. That is truly awful and what a dreadful service - you must make a complaint.

    I really hope he's getting good care now and makes a full recovery.

    Please let us know how things go

    Take care



  • mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/n... more and more stories are surfacing of late , shocking so it is the lack really of the simplest care beggars beliefs so it does, mind boggles at times of how long and how much can this go on before we find out really the true extent of whats happening or behind closed doors what is the outcome for the N H S .. its not even a disgrace or a shambles its words what are none printable really,, but it is disgusting the lack of basic humanity whats lacking very badly, care , thoughfullness, plain english a bit of common sence wouldnt go amiss , thats whats a disgrace and shambles , forgot how to think n use there brain for simple logical tasks, ,,

  • Hi Ajax, sorry to hear of the fall your father has had, plus the stress it puts you under. It is appalling but apparently a national issue everywhere. I hope the hospital wait was not so bad once you got there. How is your father today?? and have you calmed down a little. I agree with you it is disgusting how elderly chronically ill are treated and treatment for those with mental health issues is still poor whether they are young or old oops should not say that sort of thing even if it is true. They ought to have sent someone to assess much quicker than over two hours even if only a duty GP. Trust they have now admitted your father to hospital. Please once your father is on the mend complain officially just to let them know how you feel if nothing else and to vent your concerns about ongoing care for your father and yourself in future. Take care and every best wish , speak again soon.

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