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Being new both to the Community and to COPD I have so many questions I was Diagnosed on Friday with COPD Dct said he would try and get me in Lung therapy but could be a waiting list, Give a new pink inhaler and wrote me a sick note for 4 weeks That was it As its stage 3 im slightly worried I should be doing things such as eating correctly but no advice on what is best to eat Should I have a nurse i can go to for help with breathing etc I will be grateful for any that can help me deal with this

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For your dietary needs look at.


Stage three you should be eligible for pulmonary rehablitation, one hour exercise plus one hour education. But as you are still working you may be getting adequate exercise.

COPD normally as a three inhaler therapy, more so at stage 3.

One long acting, one long acting with steroid, plus one reliever.

Typical combination, Spiriva, Fostair, Ventolin. There are othe combinations.

You say you was diagnosed on Friday, was this by Spirometer, have you been referred for x-rays to eliminate any other causes.

Have you been referred to a consultant for further investigation. ( not always required if you have the condition under control)

This is probably the main issue if you have the condition under control, then your GP may allow things to develop.

If at any time you feel more breathless or have repeated chest infections, then back to your GP, for further treatment.

It can be a slow progress to get the right treatment.


Thank you Stone My doctor has asked for pulmonary rehabilitation but says it could be a while before I get it as there is a waiting list . I have been off work for 2 months and very much doubt Ill be able to go back. I do try to walk every day but some days struggle to get far. It was by Spirometer Id had xray 3 weeks earlier I have 3 inhalers as you said Guess its just getting used to it x


Sorry forgot to say that it was very helpful x


Welcome Tyrell and hope you find stones reply helpful. Good luck to you. Xxxx


Hi Tyrrell123, it is early days yet but think maybe you should contact the BLF helpline for suggestions on keeping well till you get to lung theraphy. It often takes time to adjust to such a diagnosis, but with healthy living i.e diet and exercises you can expect to lead a reasonable life for many years to come. You may even feel an improvement from the inhaler prescribed. Take things slowly don't worry too much about getting out of breath, you can improve that a little with chair exercises the lung theraphy sessions will advise on this as will the BLF advice line. Hope to speak to you again soon.


Thank you Katie That makes me feel so much better It was a shock when the doctor told me I dont think I've really come to terms with it yet and kept pushing myself too much so onward and upwards x


Greetings :)

Slugs pee on green stuff... Just try for a balanced diet, veggies and stuff; try to walk a bit, then a bit more (you need to keep mobile if you can, however hard it is) -- and just keep breathing until you get your inhalers!!



Thank you Ive got my 3 inhalers now and will certainly do my best to keep mobile xx


Great advice above - hello and welcome Tyrrell

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I think so to and thank you Dedalus


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