Pneumonia jab

Hello everyone. I had my Pneumonia jab 2 days ago and it has made me feel terrible. My left shoulder is really sore and I feel awful. Ok the nurse showed me the leaflet of side effects, which was quite a collection but I did not see anything saying how long they last. Has anyone else had the jab, and how did it effect them. I am not sleeping well and feel proper miserable.

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  • Hi,

    I had an allergic reaction to the pneumonia jag and it took about a week to fully recover. Perhaps you should give your nurse or GP a call and let them know what's going on?

  • Hi everyone is different the only reaction I have had is a sore arm. And the same with the flu jag. I had the jag when dx with COPD in 2006. And again last year. I was admitted to hospital 2/11/16 with pneumonia. But I wasn't as bad as I would have bee if I had not had the jag at all. And at the moment I am recovering from a bug witch showed up in a sputum sample oh the joys of life. Take care x

  • I got a bit of a sore arm after the pneumonia jab but didn't get any side affects , this years flu jab made my arm sore but don't normally I think sometimes it depends who does it

  • I'm with Malcolm on this one. If you are still unhappy after a few more days, give the nurse a call. I've never experienced anything other than a slight feeling that I know I have had an encounter with a needle.

  • I too had a bad reaction to the pneumonia jab. I was told to have someone check on me at regular intervals and If I remember rightly it lasted about 3 days before I started to feel 'normal' again.

    love cx

  • Thanks to everyone for your replies. I am on my third day now. So I am hoping that I shall start to feel better again. If not I shall go and see the Doctor. Thanks again take care.

  • I had no side effects hanken, and I hope yours will resolve asap, they're a nuisance but probably a small price to pay compared with the awfulness of pneumonia. All best :)

  • Hi, hope you feel better soon. Stay in, warm and snug, drink plenty of fluids.

    I felt dreadful after my pneumonia jab too but it was worth it after 5 x pneumonia in less than two years. You describe it well 'proper poorly', exactly! X

  • I had the flu jab pneumonia jab and guess what I've just come out of hospital after having pneumonia

  • I was a bit anxious when I had my first jab when I looked at the possible side effects. My GP put my mind at rest, at when said "Don't worry, the the only fatal side effect will probably occur in the first 5/10 mins of having the jab, any other side effects you will soon recover from.

    Unfortunately he told me this a just before giving me the jab. I think he skipped the bed side manner class :)

    In short: hopefully you will recover soon.

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