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Need advice

Hi everyone. need some advice. went to see consultant yesterday. said I have moderate emphysema. his requested me to go have some heart tests. is this normal thing to do? I have many health issues and using walking stick. his also asked me to lose weight. im 13 stone I did say to him ive only stopped smoking 3 weeks ago and to diet as well is impossible not that I eat that much. I dont do much activities because pain im in with r a. plus im postmenopausal which is driving me mad with systems. . so can anyone help me with some advice on why I need heart tests and how to try lose bit of weight even though I dont really over eat..

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Not the best person to answer this but someone will be along shortly

Take care x


Thanks hopefully some one does. x

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Hi Marie, sorry you're having so many problems. I'm not an expert but I feel if you're less mobile that might be why you're not losing weight.

Congratulations on stopping smoking & I agree it's hard enough to do that without having to diet as well.

Could you maybe make an appointment to chat to your GP? Ask the questions you're asking us about your heart tests.

I'm sure you will be given a very good reason for needing them.

Instead of worrying unnecessarily,it would be of benefit to you to have a consultation.

Take care & please let us know how you get on 🌷


Thank you. Will try see g p. X

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You have do the best thing in stopping smoking, being overweight can impact on your breathing so this a goal to aim for what ever you target weight is.

Heart conditions can also cause breathing problems. Ruled out by ECG, Electrocardiography or Echocardiography. I have had both not very intrusive.

If you have not already do so x- rays are also used to rule out other causes.

The main diagnosis is by Spirometer.

There is a forum on HU which may help with youlosing weight.

Just tick to follow, no need to resign up.


Thanks all for Advise. Im 5ft 5 and 13 stone so not severely over weight. My blood oxygen was 98. C t scan showed lung damage due to smoking. why I stopped..still find it hard though. I woke up coughing this morning which made me be sick. will look at the link now. Thank you stone


I have had heart tests: ECG, full echocardiagram, as sometimes, copd and pulmonary hypertension can go hand-in-hand. A lot of GPs and Consultants concentrate on the lung aspect without investigating the knock on affects to other organs.

In my personal view: heart tests are a good thing, as it means the people looking after you are pretty thorough and switched on.


Thanks for that. Feel bit relieved now. Yes I guess you are right my consultant at hospital must be switched on then.. thank you justdoit2015

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Hiya there :) Emphysema can cause "right side heart failure" (cor pulmonale), so you're being checked out to make sure that your heart is strong. No need to panic; I've had severe/end stage emphysema for a lot of years and my heart is still going strong!!

One piece of advice; decide which of your "need to do" tasks is the most important and focus on that; don't try to tackle everything at once. I'd say, hang in there with stopping smoking because that will be the best thing ever for you, worry about the weight later.




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