Pneumonia and fluid in the lung lining

Hi all,

I am from India. My husband( age -37) had excruciating pain on the left side of the chest exactly 8 days ago. After x-ray and CT scan, it was confirmed as pneumonia infection and they admitted him in the hospital. He is on antibiotics and painkillers since then. They tried to aspirate the fluid from the lung lining as the pain was unbearable, but they couldn't remove it completely as it was too thick. Till yesterday morning, he was feeling slightly better, blood test report shows wbc count has decreased, slowly the pain while breathing is starting to reduce. But since yesterday afternoon he had two fever spikes, once 100 and now 99.3 and he is feeling feverish. I am so scared, worried, tired. Today is 8th day and we were hoping we will atleast get discharge by tomorrow. But because of the fever, I am not sure. Sorry for my bad english, but I saw so many posts on pneumonia and very encouraging responses. Thanks.

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  • Hi I really hope that your husband gets better soon 😊 I am sure he will be ok. Let us know how he gets on. Love Berny 😊 xxx

  • Thanks a lot for your lovely message, Berny. Sure, I will let you all know.



  • A very warm welcome Sonal. I'm sorry to hear about your husband having pneumonia & fluid on the lung.

    He is in the best place for treatment & I'm sure the hospital will take very good care of him.

    It will be a great worry for you & the stress will make you very anxious & tired.

    I hope your husband will improve enough to be allowed home but in the meantime he must rest & take his meds & let the doctors take care of him.

    Let us know how you get on 💐

  • Thanks a lot for your kind and encouraging words, Jessy. It means a lot to me. Seeing someone so close to heart in so much pain is unbearable. But this makes me feel good. :-)

  • Sonal. It is nice to meet you. You should be proud of your English and spelling. I have had pneumonia and septicaemia in the past. Pneumonia is a weakening and tiring condition. It took me quite a long time to get back to normal. I know that the hospital wont discharge him until they are sure he is better. I wish him a good recovery.

    Changing the subject a little, my mother was born in Fort Lahore and grew up in India, of Irish parents. Someone did a family history and found that my great great grandmother was Indian. Interesting. Love from Pergola XX

  • Thanks a lot for your comforting words, Pergola. His temperature has not gone beyond 99.3. But he still feels weak and he is sleeping the whole day.

    About your mother and great great grandmother, that's really interesting indeed. I hope she has good memories about time spent here. I don't know if you know much about India or not, but I live in Hyderabad. It's in southern part of India.

  • I have always been sad that I never visited India. My mother was one of 5 sisters, and was bought up strictly. My cousin wrote a family history of the family living in Karachi. My mother came to England in the 1920s and sadly contacted TB - she had a massive op. at the Royal Brompton (?)

  • Aww, that's sad to hear about your mother. I hope she was fine after the surgery.

    Come and visit India if possible. It's chaotic but some things are beautiful to see and experience.

  • My mother went on to live bringing up her family, but she died in 1972. Really sorry my travelling days are over now but perhaps in the next life!!

  • A warm welcome to you Sonal, it's nice to know the charity run British Lung Foundation forum is so far reaching!

    All I can add is that he is in the best place, don't be in a hurry to get him home before he's well enough, it will take some time before the plural pain disappears and it also takes some time to recover completely from pneumonia. He'll need to build a good immune system to combat future infections. I'm hoping he doesn't smoke 😕......

    I wish your husband and you the very best. P

  • Thanks a lot for your encouraging words.

    Unfortunately, yes, he smokes. He has promised me to stop it from now on.

    Do you any idea why he must be getting fever again even after completing 7 days antibiotics course.

  • Hello Sonal

    Sometimes it takes more than 7 days anti-biotics to clear an infection. I'm on day 12 now but sometimes they are just stubborn and take longer and sometimes they have to change the type of anti-biotic. I'm sure that with a lot of rest and the right treatment he will be fine but be sure to get him to stop smoking. It's a good time to encourage him as he will be quite nervous of this happening again.

    Take care x

  • Thanks a lot for the response. Yes, he is ready to try his best quitting it.

    They have scheduled blood test and x-ray tomorrow. As his temperature is almost touching 100 now, I don't think the wbc count will be reduced.

  • A fever after completing 7 days of antibiotic? Usually because the infection is still there, different bacteria respond to different antibiotics. Perhaps he wasn't given the correct antibiotic for his particular bacteria. Here, they would test our sputum for the right one - ask them if they tested his mucus to see which antibiotic they gave him. Once I had an infection for 5 months before the correct antibiotic (taken for a two month course) cleared it.

    I hope he's a little better today.

    PS on this forum we all have different lung issues and just share our experiences, none of us are medics so please keep reading/researching so you can ask questions of the medics there. Good luck. P

  • A warm welcome to the site Sonal, I hope your husband continues to recover and is soon well enough to come home with you, take care x

  • My thoughts and prayers are with you and your husband at this worrying time ,,, as encouragement ,,,including myself there are many of us that have been in your husbands situation and we have recovered ,but it takes time ,best wishes.

  • His fever has gone up to 100.5 now. They have given paracetamol tablet some time ago. They just stopped injections (paracetamol, antibiotics, painkillers)today and started giving tablets as doctor felt his fever and oxygen level were in control. But fever is increasing again. I am all alone here and can't ask my parents in law to come here as they have to travel 10 hours and they are also not keeping well. I am handling it on my own but I get discouraged when he is not keeping well.

  • A very warm welcome to you Sonal, although I am so sorry the reason is your dear husband is so unwell. I am hoping your husband's condition takes a turn for the good and he starts to improve. He will be weak for some time sweetheart as likely as not.

    I am so sorry you are not able to have your family with you but I am happy you have found us. Sonal we will always be here for you. We help and support one another here and consider you to now be part of our family.

    By the way your English is excellent. We in the UK are generally very lazy when it comes to learning other languages and so I am full of respect that you write so well.

    Lots of love and healing vibes to you both.


  • Thanks a lot. That means a lot to me. I can't believe I am getting so much support on this forum. Thank you very much. I will keep on updating you all about him. love you all.

  • Recurrent fever suggests an abcess, and the history suggests empyema, infection between the lung and the chest wall. Sounds like they correctly tried to drain it. If they suggest a chest tube or surgery, rest assured that is the right treatment for an abcess. Or it may just be a nasty pneumonia. Did they check for tuberculosis?

  • Thanks for the response, skepdoc.

    Temperature has gone down to 98 now. He is feeling slightly better now.

    Doctor confirmed that it's not tuberculosis. They said chest tube or surgery will be the last option if the remaining liquid doesn't get dried up using antibiotics.

    Today, they put him on broad spectrum antibiotics because of fever spikes from last two days. Hopefully this will help. Thanks for your help.

  • Viral pneumonia is a nasty business . I spent a week in intensive care (cardiac enlargement and one overnight fever problem) and a week in a ward. I lost about 10kg in weight and it took me a full twelve months to get back to normal.

    I am sure everything will be fine but do be patient because it could take a while. Good luck.

  • Thanks a lot for your comforting words, Tetrazzini. It gives me hope that everything will be fine eventually.

    True, we should have patience in these kind of situations.

  • Hello and welcome to our lovely group Sonal. Great replies above. Hope your husband is better soon and that he does stop smoking as he has promised.

  • Hello Sonal, and welcome. I do hope your husband continues to improve and is soon able to come home. So glad it is not TB.

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