Out of breath. Unusual

I'm due to have spirometry soon. But over the last few months in different ways I have had breathing issues !

Since Friday, I have felt like I can't breath 100 percent. Out of breath a little when I get up and sometimes talking. It's a bit hard to explain. I work in construction and have no problems workin and doing my job. This has happened before.

Is it Copd or something else. I am a heavy smoker but this can happen every so often then disappear. Worrying sick. I went shopping the otherday and walked up two flights of stairs and was out of breath . But I walk everyday round building site, lifting heavy objects etc

I am worried as my symptoms are bizzare

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  • Hi we can't diagnose you - only your doctor/nurse can. Wait until the spirometry test then you will know. There is nothing bizarre in your symptoms as one of the first indications of a problem is walking up steps and hills while being fine on the flat. I hope you haven't got copd or any other disease but carrying on being a heavy smoker will make it more likely that you will in the future. x

  • So u think it cud be copd. I'm not out of breath for long

  • As coughalot2 said, nobody here can diagnose you. You need to have your spirometry tested and then speak to your doctor. Good luck to you.

  • Being out of breath could be caused by lots of things. I know it's hard not to worry but try and wait until your test then you will know for good or ill. Even if it is copd it is very far from being a death sentence. If being breathless only happens sometimes then you would be at a mild stage anyway, and with care would still be able to lead a long and healthy life.

    I was diagnosed mild at 54 and 8 years on am still mild. The doctor told me not to worry as something else would get me first ie old age! So unless you want to live to 120... x

  • U do worry urself sick. Like I said , this has happened a few times and comes and goes. How have u managed to keep it mild ?

  • Hello Courtney. That is scary. I understand how you feel. Especially when you don't know the reason behind it. Like Coughalot has said it's impossible for anyone here to make any assumptions. You'd best get tested and take it from there. I really do wish you well and hope your medical team can help you feel much better.

    Best wishes to you,

    Cas xx 🍀

  • Thank you cas

  • I would like to say it was because I lead a healthy lifestyle and ate well and exercised regularly, but although I do try often don't succeed. That is the official advice and many do follow it well x

  • Hi Courtney, breathlessness does not necessarily mean copd but you are obviously aware of the risk when you say you're a heavy smoker. Have you ever considered quitting? Probably a silly question as the vast majority of smokers would love to be able to quit. But certainly getting breathless whatever the cause won't be helped by continuing smoking and this will impact on your life more and more as you get older. If the breathlessness could be a motivation for quitting or at least cutting down that would be wonderful. There are quit forums in Health Unlocked for support.

    Re the bizarre nature of your symptoms, they make sense to me: climbing stairs is aerobic, and causes me to become more breathless, whereas lifting heavy weights is akin to resistance training, is not aerobic and I can do loads of that, and quite heavy weights too without getting breathless.

    Whatever you are doing, concentrate on breathing out. Your lungs may be getting hyperinflated - air trapping - and when that happens there is less room in the lungs for fresh air, therefore less available oxygen for your body.

    Let us know what happens after your have had your tests. And you are entitled to ask for a copy of your results. If it turns out to be copd there is lots you can do to help yourself and we will all be here for you. All the best :)

    Just checked before posting this and you've already got several good replies.

  • The Spirometry Test followed with a CT Scan will be the only sure way you will find out.

    Worrying is not going to get you anywhere, whether you do or do not suffer with COPD.

    I will say that smoking or working in the construction industry puts you at ,some, risk of developing COPD plus numerous other diseases too.

    Your symptoms are not really bizarre at all and can be explained by a number of reasons, not just COPD.

    My advice would be to chill out and wait for your test results, easy for me to say I know, but as I said worrying is not going to get you anywhere in fact it can make you really ill, for what? nothing maybe?

    Whatever the news, take this scare as a cue to stop smoking, just quit and every time you feel the urge to light up remember this scare well. It worked for me and I was classed as a heavy smoker for over 50 years

  • Sorry, but you are going to have to stop smoking. If you don't do it now, you will have to in time to come. Believe me, it is vital.

  • I am booked in for my spirometry next Thursday. Quite scared of it and worrying meself sick. Only myself to blame .I'm only 34

  • Been to doctors tonight and he listened to my chest !! Clear. He done aa peek flow on me and was useless. He said was ok but not great. I'm booked in for spirometry next Thursday and chest x ray. He said for someone my age he don't think there is anything underlying.

  • But nervous I won't do good in this soirometry

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