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Article on pneumonia, sepsis and antibiotic resistance


Hello, I'm writing an article about how antibiotic resistance is making pneumonia and sepsis harder to treat, and leading to more deaths.

I'm hoping to speak to people who suffered pneumonia and/or sepsis due to a resistant bug (so they had to change antibiotics because they didn't work).

Just wondering if there are any families out there who would be happy to speak to the press to raise awareness?

Many thanks,

Madlen Davies

Reporter, The Bureau of Investigative Journalism

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I would be to angry and don't have kind word for doctors AS it me here and not them.

But yes i had sepsis pneumonia doctors put down to anxerty even had sepsis rash on shoulder i though nothing off.

But friction cloths rubbing.

Since then i have sufferd bouts of antibiotic resistance GP's don't take serious .

Threw all antibiots i have taken i have sterilized my stomach that left me suffering gastrointeritas and its true that stuff nearly kills you.

How i never sufferd from sepsis again is anyones guess BUT gp never helped with that.

Had to rebuld my own stomach bactriea by taking germ pills and thus far as helped with my immunty.

In my experiance GPs just dont care.

And as far as Antibiotic Resictance the prescibe one maintenance antibiotic AND think your sorted.

But biggest issue in my opinion is factory farming and antibiotics the put in feed THAT causes major issues resistance.


Am glad you have raised issue of sepsis .. and was reading that there is kids with chicken pox are developing sepsis as a result.

How and why guess its more things for lung diseased to worry about.

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I had phenomia with sepsis ended up in intensive care for 3 days and almost died doctors gave me 10 percent chance of surviving still recovering 2 months later

Was it a resistant strain of pneumonia though?

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I live in Australia contracted it while in hospital I know have VRE 6 mths and Iam still recovering they told me I had hospital grade pneumonia with sepsis I had already spent 16 days because of a fall which broke 3 ribs crushed back bone disculated right shoulder and tore muscle off bone

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So did you get rid of bug? Iv resistant one now because a doctor underdosed me amoxicillin n although was working wasn't strong enough n now nothing works on it. I'm poorly 4 months now. Docs not taken me serious either I'm having to battle with them about it. My left lung is numb tight n sore n not right I'm wrecked headache can't think straight. Its a joke. Obviously it's not a serious infection to kill me soon but it's moderate infection n its making me really ill I havnt done anything in months I'm so fatigued n down. I'm waiting on respiratory specialist appointment to see do they know as I'd tried all the antibiotics. I can't believe it's happening n dunno where it's gonna end. I'm worn out. Why do docs not take serious. Although they're all aware they're not willing to admit as they havnt seen it that much but it's so well documented it must have happened but they don't wanna believe it in their surgery I think.

I agree with Hanne, when I had sepsis it was identified and treated promptly with IV antibiotics.....two different kinds then oral ABs when blood tests found I still had an infection.

Hi am replying to your post about pneumonia, I have had on going breathing problems since July and now on a 10th antibiotics yet again and more steroids again, this virus is really wearing me down physically and mentally am so weak. I would like to help in any way I can, in my opinion this chest lung illness is wide spreading to a point it maybe be epidemic over the next few months.. what is happening..!!!! 😣

Do you have virus or bacterial infection ? And is it resistant.

I was admitted to hospital on the 2/11/16 with community acquired pneumonia got discharged on the 5/11/16 after havin IV abs and painkillers. I am now on more ads after a sample of sputum I had tested showed a bug and am on Ciprofloxacin

Did you have resistant strain ?

I am seeing a immunology consultant she wrote in a letter to my GP that she noticed that my specific antibodies to pnumococcus were low in January last year I told her that I had had the peunomonia jag in 2015 and it would be useful to evaluate what my antibody response to this has been. Hope this makes sence to you. She also took blood to do tests T/B/NK cells total immunoglobulins and vitamin D. I don't understand any of this

Gees so it's ongoing like mine I'm getting really worried now coz the more articles I read seems once it's resistant no antibiotics will work. It's 4 months now n I'm cracking up with it stuck in my lung iv zero energy n really wanna get back to life. Mine was a simple enough mild to moderate pneumonia but was flipping underdosed antibiotics n it became resistant coz of that what a joke. I didn't know there was specific antibodies for pneumonia...I got crp of 53 that's all I have. I'm eagerly awaiting respiratory specialist app. I got a call last week but it was private n I decided I wasn't paying that money but now regret as I'm still waiting on app. Might ring hospital today n try chase it up. I need ct scan n bronchoscope at this stage. I was given levofloxacin by emergency doc a few weeks ago but I'm scared to take coz of black box warning of tendon muscle rupture n there's no guarantee it'll work. Plus my potassium gone low with all antibiotics so iv to bring that back up coz levofloxacin depletes potassium massively. Although Alot of sites say levo works on resistant strains of pneumonia. How u finding the cipro? That's similar to levo.

I have had pneumonia.and blood clot at same time was treated with meny antibiotics.things did not clear up iv no been told iv c.o.p.d . I am 47 and iv got no life. Due to pain

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I have blood test every two week due to medication and my vitamin D. Is okay

I definitely have resistant bug but it's ongoing as to the solution so will be happy to talk if I get over it. My reason for resistance was the doctor underdosing the antibiotics allowing the bug to be resilient. It's written in the mims book that there is great danger in that warning docs to prescribe adequate doses. So negligent prescribtion caused mine n it's proving very different to treat. I was last given levofloxacin which I'm refraining on taking until I get to specialist as they have black box warning of tendon rupture which frankly I can do without.

I guess they tried various antibiotics that's why I now have VRE and the sepsis can come back

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