Depression & Anxiety, did the "Flower Children" know something all those years ago?

I found this article today and thought that it was interesting considering that, in COPD sufferers, anxiety and depression are such big players too.

Wearing flowers in your hair back in vogue again, bringing back memories of those happier carefree days.............

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  • Good morning 2greys,

    I did not really understand the article, but it does not take a drug/medicine to make me happy despite having rubbish lung function. Just go outside and look up at the sky, catching sight of a quicksilver squirrel, watching the birds feasting. My dog's tail clearing the coffee table. The smiling face of a stranger in the street wishing me good morning, an empty ironing basket, a few minutes on the phone to my Daughter, Grandson or Brother many miles away. There may come a time when I do need a little help, so who am I to say otherwise.

  • Hi Jennifer, I cherish the simpler joys of life too.

    I am suppose I am fortunate in being able to see the "Bright Side Of Life" and maintaining a sense of humor, even if it is slightly twisted :-) . Fortunate that I am able to relax and unwind at the end of each day. I don't need much sleep which comes easily when I do. I wish I could explain how to do it, for other people, but I can't, it is just a part of me now. A culmination of life's past experiences I suppose. In my youth I was the exact opposite, hectic, aptly describes my life back then, so I wasn't born like it.

  • Thank you jennifer you just made my day a little brighter.

  • Hi 2greys, I'll give the drug a miss thanks. I've got my family & friends & that's including the ones on here to keep me happy 😊

    I go for a walk along the beach & watch the tides, the birds, the wildlife all around me & I'm happy 😊

    I chat to friends who live far off, either by phone or iPad & that makes me happy 😊

    My grandchildren telling me what they've been doing at school the past week, that makes me happy 😊

    Reading a good book, watching a good film & I'm happy 😊

    Life's little pleasures helping me along the way & I'll go on being happy for as long as I can 😀

  • Well said it is the small thinks that make every one happy children playing in the streets park every wear you look there is somethink to make you happy even if you sit and think of when you was young and the things you might have done even the little thing you do in life can make you happy and prowd to be alive to smell the air in the morning when i open the door happyness is in the hart not in pills or eney thing eles

  • Hi

    The only flower people I experienced in the 70s, where either as high as kite on Purple Hearts uppers, or down in the dumps on Valium downers.

    At least they where Happy 😊 .

  • On a serious note though, anything that can prevent someone worrying themselves into an early grave must be welcome. A single controlled dose that lasts for 6 months is not to be sniffed at either. Those who are suffering mental health issues are being badly let down at the moment and to have a chronic illness as well, it's very,very hard to imagine just what sort of hell they are going through.

  • It's a disgrace that research into the positive benefits of psilocybin, LSD etc., has only recently resumed, after being abandoned for nearly 50 years. Not abandoned for any scientific reason, but simply because of scare stories in the gutter press. Hopefully a more adult approach will be taken in the future.

  • “Psychedelics are illegal not because a loving government is concerned that you may jump out of a third story window. Psychedelics are illegal because they dissolve opinion structures and culturally laid down models of behaviour and information processing. They open you up to the possibility that everything you know is wrong.”

    ― Terence McKenna

  • very interesting thank you xx

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