invasive ductual cancer

hi i been told i have got invasive duct cancer grade 3 i an not have chemo radio therapy or operation has i also have heart problems n emphysema so the only option is letrozole i am really down knowing that they can't take the cancer away andi am new i got to hope that the tablets will control the cancer i am so afraid that it will come up somwhere else

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  • hi lollypoplyn55. sorry about your health problems.ihave heart/ lung problems.i do hope u get sorted out best of luck to u.xx

  • ty hun xxxx

  • I am very sorry to hear about your diagnosis and fully understand why you feel upset. It is normal to be scared when you are told you have cancer. I think the worry about it spreading probably stays with you even years later. Thinking of you and wishing you all the best.

  • ty xxx

  • Hoping that treatment works well for you and thinking of you at such a difficult time. Xx

  • ty sassy xxx

  • Hello Lollypoplyn55, sorry to hear about your diagnosis and other health problems, no wonder you're feeling down at the moment. Maybe you could get some help for that, talk to your gp and tell them how you're feeling or ring Macmillan helpline to talk to somebody there about it. I wish you luck and I hope the Letrozole treatment proves effective x

  • ty jaynair xxx

  • Such sad news for you Lollypoplyn55 especially so near to Christmas, but looking on the bright side maybe the tablets will work just as well as an operation and save you all the worry of going into hospital. Take care xx

  • ty katie xxx

  • Lollypoplyn55,

    I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I'll be praying and thinking about you.


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