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Hi I'm new here ! I have a chest infection not been well I would say for about 6 weeks started off with sore gland down one side of my neck then thinking I was going to come down with flu as I had flu like symptoms but not actually flu! Then I has an awful cough for weeks which has gone to my chest about 4 weeks ago finally gave up went to doctors they said I had a chest infection prescribed amoxicillin which didn't shift it, went back to the doctors prescribed prednisole 5mg to take 8 tablets every day for 5 days and also prescribed doxycycline 100mg tablets started off with two at the start to going to 1 tablet daily finished all of my meds and still feel unwell and I can still feel some pain in my chest and I feel so tired .... has anyone else had a chest infection that didn't seem to shift ??? Thanks

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  • I'm sorry your feeling unwell but perhaps you should go back to docs and ask for a sputum test so they can make sure their giving you the right medication for your infection best wishes.

  • Hello Venuser and welcome. I agree with Titchy about requesting a sputum test and examining your medication. Also, you may want to ask about bronchiectasis and the possibility that there is a link here with how you are feeling. Breathlessness is one sign of airways problems, along with the coughing and fatigue that you are experiencing. A sputum test could tell your GP, and more importantly you, if you are infected with Pseudomonas aeruginosa. or not, an organism or germ found in bronchiectasis.

    Good luck,


  • Welcome to the site Venuser :), it can take a while to feel okay again after a bad chest infection and it could just be that you need time to recover properly. On the other hand, I agree with others, if you're still feeling unwell and not just weary then a trip back to the drs would be safest so that they can check whether the infection is gone or still lurking. Hope you begin to feel better soon x

  • Thankyou everyone for all your advice, much appreciated I'm going back to the doctors Monday see what they say ! Xx

  • sorry you unwell Yes I've had a chest infection for about two months ended up in hospital with an asthma attack last week on a cocktail of drugs, this is the first day I have been up since I got home for hospital x get well soon.

  • Oh bless you ! I hope you have a speedy recovery it just seems to take so long to recover worried about work aswell 😞X

  • Yes I have and on exactly same medicines as u still like it been going on 2 weeks now just had a nite in hospital still trying hopefully

  • Blimey it makes you wander how long it's going to last forever you have dizzy spells aswell ?

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