My daughter and my infection

My daughter is back in hospital very very poorly it could go either way. I can't go and see her because i still have my chest infection. Another infection she doesnt need. She was in ICU Wednesday. Back on her ward Thursday but we have all been told she is still fighting it and wants to have a day at home for her sons birthday which is the 13th Dec. Every body who goes has got to put a brave face on and be positive. Andy her husband is going to see if i can go and gown up.They are keeping me informed as to how she is doing. The consultants of which she has three, think she has an under lying infection in her bones not bone marrow. Well lets hope this cause of antibiotics get rid of my infection. Fingers crossed. She APlastic Anemia,,


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  • what a bad time for you to get an infection must be hard not being able to go see her hope it soon clears up , hope you daughter is able to get home for her sons birthday

  • Yes , he hasn't been told just how poorly his mam is. So his sisters have to try and act normal and go work and do. He has seen her in hospital but she is putting on a brave face also. She is a fighter she is my daughter and we dont give in to anybody or any illness. XX

    Hope you are managing .


  • What a terrible time you are having hope things improve soon

    Take care


  • Very best wishes for your daughter, fastball. It must be a very worrying time for you. xxx

  • oh Chris, how I feel for you. Because my daughter is also going through it I know just how much you simply want to be with her. I hope that she comes through this and that you will be able to be with her very soon.


  • I have spoken to her this morning she is fighting and feels a bit brighter. Her husband sent me a photo last night. She had plenty of colour. so the signs are good just got to be positive.

    Hope your daughter is improving, fingers crossed.XXX


  • It must be very hard for you. I hope that you're feeling much better soon and I'm sending best wishes for your daughter. Hope that all goes well. XXX

  • Im so sorry to that you can't go to visit your daughter ,I know how you feel ,

    I wish you both a speedy recovery ,you are both In my prayers ,

  • Dear Chris l do hope you get to see your daughter very soon and sending heartfelt wishes to her and to you.

    Blessings to you all. Xxxxx

  • Dear Chris, what a terrible time you're having. I hope your daughter gets home to spend time with her son on his birthday. Wishing you all the best & keep in touch & let us know how things go. 💐

  • Hi Fast ball. How awful to be unable to visit. My thoughts & prayers are with you & I will add you to the candle of Hope. Nan

  • So sad fastball my prayers are with all your families. 💐🌹

    Val x

  • Dear Chris

    My heart goes out to you, your dear daughter and family. I sincerely hope your abs kick your infection into touch so you can get to see your daughter and I hope she also gets home for her son's birthday.

    My thoughts are with you all.

    Love cx

  • i have gone back over some of your posts; sorry to hear how ill you are and how ill your daughter is; i do hope she gets out of Hospital soon and that Christmas brings some positive news for you all, warm blessings sent your families way xx

  • Wishing you and your daughter all the best, I do hope she manages to get home for her son's birthday and that you're both recovered and well again soon xx

  • God bless you both. Thoughts and prayers for you both to recover speedily.

  • Sorry to hear your daughter is so poorly. I hope they manage to find a way that you can get to visit. It must be awful not seeing her. Fingers crossed for you.

  • What a difficult time for you all - hope you can get rid of your chest infections so that you can go to see your daughter & that she is well enough to go home for a day for her son's birthday on 13th. Sending hugs and all best wishes x

  • Thank you everyone who took time out to answer my message. She has started on the road back and we are all staying positive for her. I spoke to her this morning she sounds quite good .


  • I am pleased to read your positive news, Chris. I hope you and your daughter continue to improve. Love and prayers to you both, Albert.

  • Thinking of you and hope your daughter will continue to improve. X

  • thank all for your kind words. XXXX


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