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Got the result of my Ct scan showing lung changes - bronchiectasis. Not entirely surprised. I knew things were getting worse. Chronic cough and repeated infections. Have to slow down a bit and give in when I'm feeling rough. Make the best of it. Thankfully I have a lot of patience and enjoy reading and my sanity saving iPad.

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Sorry to hear that but love your attitude. You sound so positive and determined to live your life to the best of your ability. You are an inspiration. x

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Good way of looking at things. I am in a similar situation to yourself. Google the Serenity prayer XX


Sorry to hear about the diagnosis but love your way of coping with it :) x


Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. Your acceptance & positive attitude will be of great benefit to you.

Take care of yourself & enjoy your reading & iPad.

Keep in touch & let us know how you're doing 🌷


I'm sorry about your diagnosis as well and agree that you have such a positive attitude. I think lots of us can make things more difficult by not fully accepting that we have to change and adapt because of our illnesses.

Can I be personal and say that you have such a nice face. Sit down with your iPad and come back for a chat soon.

Sue x 💐


Thanks everyone. So kind. Been out today with my daughter in law and enjoyed our outing to a farm shop for lunch.


I really admire your spirit and you truly are an inspiration. So pleased that you had a lovely trip out.

Take care and keep in touch.



Don't worry too much about the Bronchiectasis, M6. It can be a pain ( in the neck and lots of other places) but you will become accustomed to treating the infections and the best ways to avoid exacerbations. Make sure you get all the information you need about symptoms and coping strategies, especially chest clearance. There are quite a few of us here who've had Bronch for 40 + years and are still alive and kicking.


Sorry to hear you have been dx with bronchiectasis M and although I admire your spirit and attitude to make the best of it. I am hoping your consultant has referred you to physiotherapy to learn how to get rid of the mucus from your lungs and arrangements have been made for you to get a sample into your GP if you feel an infection coming on and that you have a supply of abs at home. You shouldn't have to just 'make the best of it' on your own.

With love



Hi , good luck , that's the key to keep your spirits up and your mind busy , all the best loraine


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