I have practised Energy Medicine for the past 25 years, using pulsed frequencies with good success for most conditions and now wanted to add another therapy like the Airnergy machine. Has anyone here had experience with it? I've watched the DVD and the statement that it positively affects Heart Rhythm Variability is very impressive. However, before I invest in this I'd like to know if people had a positive experience using it.

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  • What is Energy Medicine ?

  • From wikipedia:

    "The most controversial claim in this general area of pseudoscience is the belief healers can channel healing energy into a patient and effect positive results."

  • "While early reviews of the scientific literature on energy healing were equivocal and recommended further research, more recent reviews have concluded that there is no evidence supporting clinical efficiency. The theoretical basis of healing has been criticised as implausible, research and reviews supportive of energy medicine have been faulted for containing methodological flaws and selection bias, and positive therapeutic results have been dismissed as resulting from known psychological mechanisms."

  • You would think that after 25 years of it you might have a better idea of whether it is worth investing in than we here who have never heard of it before.

    If after this 25 years you still need reassurance then it cannot be that good, and that answers your question.

    Or was it to pique our interest? So we poor afflicted folk who would dearly love a cure that works and causes no harm might just be intrigued enough to listen, right up to the point of a financial commitment?

    I would not trust this for an instant.

  • After extensive research some time ago and having received all their literature trying to convince me how effective Airnergy is and having seen the BBC morning show featuring a demonstration of the machine I have been unable to find a positive conclusive success result from anywhere!! Their claim is that it can HEAL Emphysema and COPD!!! That statement alone is enough to ring alarm bells.

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