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I've finally accepted that my previous gp's surgery and my new one don't really know what there doing.

I've had all the wrong Meds for just over a year?

So I'm stopping them as if today!

Copd rehabilitation team are as unless. contacted them 5 time in 3 days with no response or reply.

So I've given up! just going to give up on Meds and "so called professionals" and see where it takes me?

Can't be any worse than professionals wrongly prescribing me the wrong Meds?

Thank you for your comments .

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Oh bizylad what on earth is going on with the medical profession these days?! Can you not get a proper diagnosis and the correct medication? Please don't give up but do try and get doctors to do things properly and correctly.

No idea what meds you are on but please stay in touch and let us know how you get on.

Take care xxxxx

Hi bizylad, certainly some GP practices are good and some not so much. Hard to comment on your meds situation as you don't say what the problem is and anyway we aren't medical people, just lay ones. Re pulmonary rehab referrals, these will come from your GP so if you've approached the team directly this may be why no-one has got back to you.

If I were you, I would call the BLF helpline (office hours 03000 03 555) and talk through your situation with one of their excellent nurses. Explain to them why you think your meds are wrong for you and how you might speak about this to your doctor. Everyone is entitled to a second opinion too.

Just chucking everything in seems a bit extreme and may end up making you feel worse.

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Was referred to consultant at Lewisham hospital only to be asked...

Consultant.. do you still smoke?

Me.. yes.

Consultant.. I'm refusing to deal with you.

End of appointment .

Copd nurse told me I'm on all the wrong Meds?

Copd nurse.. we will sort out new Meds for you.

Me.. still poxy waiting.

Me.. given up totally .

No faith in any service from NHS or go.

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That's not nice at all bizylad I have had some really nasty consultants but I have never had one that would refuse to treat me because I smoked. Sorry you are going through all this hope you get the proper help soon. I don't smoke now been 2 years smoke free.

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I've given up?

With gp'sand copd/lung rehabilitation team. I'm just going to see where it takes me. even though I get pains in my chest (gp reckons it's muscular?) and had them for months.

Getting used to the pains but not the anxiety worries or depression that I've now been diagnosed with .

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My problem is that I can hardly get up my stairs to the toilet or bedroom without breathlessness.

I've been given no steroids pumps . never been able to get my phlegm up to see the colour of it in over 2yrs.

I'm on mucus tablets 3 times a day (2×3) . getting no benefits from them at all.

3 pumps I've been prescribed are of no use whatsoever . feels like I've wasted loads of appointmentsfor what?



Hi bizylad.

COPD and no meds? Doesn't sound good to me. Especially as it has come about because of the ignorance and inefficiency of your GPs. I would heavily suggest that you go to your GP and tell them to refer you to a good chest consultant who will tell them how to treat you. You should not be without the care that you need because of them. Don't take no for an answer.

Hi bizylad

Giving up is not the best option, although I can understand why you feel this way.

If it were me I wouldn't bother with the consultant in Lewisham, I would ask to be referred to the Brompton. Take a look at this link of a consultant who looks appropriate. You could email or telephone and ask if he would accept you if your gp refers you. C'mon bisylad go for it. Your gonna have to fight your corner and we are here for you. Let us know how you get on.

love cx

Hi bizylad,

Oh dear. I think you've maybe got yourself into a situation which will make you feel worse and struggle more. That's such a pity.

Could you at least phone the BLF helpline as O2Trees suggests? They're not NHS - they're a charity to support people with lung problems. Have with you a list of the medications you've been prescribed, even if you've stopped taking them.

It's possible that the COPD nurse who said you weren't on the right treatment had maybe got things a bit wrong. If you refuse help from every NHS professional where do you go for treatment?

I do hope things improve for you. Sue x

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This is so true bizylad. Sue explains the British Lung Foundation well - they are there to help, will not judge you in the way you've shockingly been judged already. And they will help you work out how to go forward with all of this.

It's no wonder you're upset but please don't give up - nothing will get sorted and your physical and mental health situation could get worse - none of us wants that for you.

Hi bizylad,

Wow, I guess we can all appreciate how you feel but please don't give up all together. The way things are done here in the US are surely different than where you live but there has to be a way for you to get some help and relief. We're all pulling for you, hang in there.


Hi.... are you being difficult , it's just with your anxiety and depression you might not see things in a positive light ....I don't mean to be harsh, as for the consultant who won't treat you , ask to be referred to one who will

Your entitled to treatment ... take care x

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