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Diseased Looking After Diseased .. And Disgrace Of Some Doctors GP's


Well THUS far have not been to great stomach abdomen issues pain shortness of breath.

But what's knew there BUT what is knew is my dads alzheimer's is progressing to server HE's stopped eating drinking BUT he don't feel hungry.

Anyway DOCTORs when i ask for food shakes just ignore me when i ask for them.

Is home care nurses say he should be on something MAKES you ask what ever as my dad done said to these WA##% doctors to deserve such shoddy treatment.

I was on phone to doctors receptionist explaining how my dad is having trouble swallowing AND when i said something else i had forgot with being diseased my self she started tutting.

Well that was it SHE got both barrels and FU##% hiding doctors did to.

Guess these doctors starve there mums dads to death to.

Wel they not starving my dad to death given he's alzheimer's.

Ant it bad enough disease shoddy care he gets of GP's.

What i later found out is these so called GP's Doctors Know all about what my dads going threw.

I would like to think "time was issue" with these doctors .. but sadly seem's to me the just don't care give a flying f##%#.

Its Technical inhumane name MY dad is going threw is alzheimer's starvation mode and is as grim as it sounds.

Is very tragic sad and a lot of these so called doctors don't want to know about or care what a family carrer as to go trew mentally and emothonly after all it's NOT just a job it's someone we love care about.

SO as if that ant bad enough .. I tried getting podiatry round given is diabetics foot issues and he worries given he's alzheimer's and fact is regarded as terminal.

Is nightmare trying to take him anywhere as he is unsettled and uses wheelchair I might ad I can't push far ... as well as taking all day as needs toilet every five mins.

He's GP tried to say he was mobile LIKE REALY so did not need it .... podiatry said coz I was taking him iragardless of if I was ill or not he could not have domiciliary care.

Well that well upset me ... who do they think they are to say am fit and well AND using me as excuse so my dad would not reciving domiciliary services.

Well i disputed GPs podiatry finding as clearly to be mobile you need to know where your going to and from AND as my dad would get lost if he left house He cant be mobile so should have use of domiciliary services.

Well i asked for GP he's GP for letter explaining condition and picture is what i got of he's careing GP in surport of my dad and he's condition use of domiciliary services.

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How awful for you both, JeffAjaxSmith. So often it's worse for the carer, and you have your own problems too. Good luck getting what you both need from these challenging doctors.

Could I just ask if you have had a Carers Assessment? When Mum was around I found talking to Alzheimer's Support Group and Carers UK was very helpful. They may be able to help you with your considerable burden?

Pretty appalling JAS and l really don't get why doctors are not being more helpful. Don't give up trying fur your dear dad but try and stay calm for your own sake too.

Can Social Services help as this is surely in breach of your dad's basic human rights.

The person who wrote the letter is very non committal and happy to pass the buck it seems.

Good luck to you and thinking of you and your dad. Xxxxx

From what you seem to be saying, Daz, it appears that your Dad's care has been judged on what you can do for him and not on what he needs as a very vulnerable patient. That is a disgraceful lack of responsibility and compassion for someone who cannot ask for help himself.

I would agree with the suggestion of contacting the Alzheimer's Society and I hope you both get some good advice. xxx

Hi I wonder could you ask for a health and disability social worker to help you help your father, clearly you are entitled to a lot more help than you are receiving at the moment and also you would have someone sensible and knowledgeable to help any queries you have. I personally think you are marvellous despite your own illness you are trying to cope alone, honestly you don't have too but as all things you have to fight for both your rights and your doctor and all health professionals have a duty of care towards you both,well done you for speaking out against a failing system but please don't allow that same system to fail you and yours. I hope this helps and I also hope you both get the support you clearly deserve I honestly applaud you please don't give up xx

It's very very hard for you to have to look after your dad with Alzheimer's, in addition to all your own problems. I think the advice you've been given about contacting the Alzheimer's Society is very wise and maybe request a home call from social services, so that they can see for themselves the difficulties you face. I hope you get the support you need.

Hi Jeff

Does your dad have a social worker and if he does I would talk to him/her regarding an assessment of your dads needs. They should then liaise with relevant people to put a package of care together along with contacting other health professionals to attend to medical issues. Health and social care are supposed to be integrated now with a lead from one of the disciplines taking charge of casework.


What a terrible time you are having.

As far as your Dad not eating. There are drinks and protein bars that are made for older people. They pack a lot of nutrients, calories and protein into a small amount. You can buy them at most drug stores.

Hope that things improve for you and your Dad, Beth

Hello Jeff. I totally understand your frustration. I cared for my mother in law who has dementia for four years. The people a who administer the treatments don't really understand the difficulties carers have. I am so sorry. Is there such thing as a case worker there to help? I am thinking of you.

Cas xx 🌹

Hi JeffAjaxSmith, tut tut that is a very poor state of affairs in respect of your father, he has a right to services due to his health and you as a carer have a right for your needs to be considered too. They all seem to be being ignored from what you say, which sadly is a very common situation these days with cutbacks ect. And well done to you for disputing it with the GP, but the end of the letter does not seem to pack any support from GP for your father only point out he has a mental health issue, he ought to be demanding care for his elderly infirmed patient not making a point that you were five minutes late. Do you have an Alzeimers group near you they might be of more help, or Age UK. Best wishes and take care xxx

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