SAGA Of BROTHER's Carbon Monoxide poisoning

SAGA Of BROTHER's Carbon Monoxide poisoning

Well we had few interesting days AS expected council guys who regular do safety checks on central heating boiler cooker COME out with council official to do Carbon Monoxide check.

After national grid condemned central heating boiler sighting carbon monoxide poisoning WELL council service engerner totaly contradicted national grid SAYING they don't know what the talking about or doing.

Anyway the picture is off national grids repot " what do you think " so council engerner run central heating for 15 mins and measured Carbon Monoxide ppm AND then they tested turned everything up on cooker for 30mins

Now national grid tested cooker AND said this no problem IT's boiler and condemned that.

Well council engerner had nabour out after cooker test as house was blue and set all smoke alarms off MY brothers is bit of OCD freak and keep' he's cooker spotless.

BUT what I will say AFTER cooker TEST there seemed to be fat on gas rings after.

CLEARLY am not saying council or engerner ARE trying to apportion blame BUT my brother ended up with condemned COOKER national grid said was ok AND a boiler that's not working that council engerner said was ok BUT was not working and needed fixing.

The council engerner tried swiping national grids report BY accident as it found it's self in council engerners toolbox.

There seem's to be something up with this STORY anyway engerner come back out and got boiler running after emptying condensing tray WELL that's other story BUT as is still needs fixing circuit board ignition stuff.

Sounds like boilers ok ... Don't it.

So as you can imagen WE are deeply unimpressed with council engeriner BUT on plus side they did give him a wifi carbon monoxide monitor.

Luckerly in my arsenal of purchases given blame game that's clearly being played I found my own Carbon Monoxide monitor industry standers I might add that should be able to cut threw the lies.


Even if you sought help from a doctor it’s highly unlikely that GP DOCTOR would suspect or even diagnose you or kids with carbon monoxide poisoning.

Shocking 200 GPs were presented with the classic symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning and the illness.

Nausea, dizziness, tiredness, headaches and stomach and chest pains and in a study by the toxicology expert

Professor John Henry, not one GP or DOCTOR suggested the gas as a possible cause.

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  • frightening food for thought jeff

    but when will your brother manage to get him and family safe

  • Hi Reiver Cheers according to H & S executive they only investigate if taken to hospital in ambulance suffering carbon monoxide poisoning.

    Did ask how convenient is that as most don't fair well and gp just put poisoning down to flu.

  • Our council are useless too. Every year they come out to service the boiler and without fail after a few days, phut, it packs up. It then takes them a week or more to fix it again.

    On another note, the couple 2 floors below were poisoned by CO a couple of years ago and suffered permanent damage to their health. They are still fighting for compensation from them in the courts but the council keep delaying the hearings. Suffice to say.I have fitted my own CO detector, I do not trust them.

  • Hi 2Grays Defo not to be trusted ... Well council test record sheet as no ppm with regard cooker or boiler carbon monoxide.

    All seems very convenient this no numbers logged.

  • Scary stuff JAS. Your brother needs things sorted out right now and properly so he and his kids can be safe in their home.

    The doctors report doesn't shock me at all, there are many things they fail to spot. Xxxx

  • Hi Sassy59 Only thing doctors seem to spot with vigour is there pay and changes in contractual obligations.

  • Hi Jeff, What a saga! I have my own qualified and licensed engineer who comes every year, services the boiler and the gas fire and gives me a certificate which he is responsible for. Worth every penny and I am incharge!

    National grid and the council blaming each other is not solving the problem. Not a decent service from either of them. I do hope it gets sorted out.

  • Having given it some thought it has become blindingly obvious that as your Brother's landlord ( I presume) the council has the same serious legal obligation to make sure that gas appliances in his home are safe. If they have not corrected the problem with the boiler in accordance with the National Grid report they are liable and should be reported as it is an offence for a landlord not to ensure the safety of a tenant. Equally, if your Brother and his family have suffered carbon monoxide poisoning a report from the Dr should be submitted with the complaint. No wonder that engineer tried to take the report away!

  • Hi Stillstanding mainly issue is council don't want to replace boiler as it looks doggy BUT in reality the giving them self ENOUTH rope to hang them self.

    Incompetence by council engineers is shocking and turning into right farse.

  • That really is disgraceful. Keep on their backs buddy, you are good at that!

  • Hi Stillstanding63 defo try but have to watch my STREES especially with council hypocrisy.

  • I would get a gas engineer out the fact they tried to grab the report speaks volumes

    I can't believe that a GP would missed diagnosed the poison I think every house should be fitted with a detector by law

  • Hi Onamission defo agree about volumes ... fact none of our paperwork as carbon monoxide ppm listed after test speaks volumes too.

    The condemned cooker but would not list ppm after test THEN said was visual test HOW that works is anyone's guess.

    But like I suspected when engineer emptied condensing tray I knew boiler would not run for long AS that is gas to liquid condenser tray that needs to be full to stop carbon monoxide poising ALSO stops pilot light going out.

  • Sounds like they are trying to sweep it under the carpet the council are good at that how many more boilers are in the same state.

    I have suffered with this poisoning it's not nice as I said I was sitting in a kitchen where the boiler was the couple who owned the hose said they didn't feel well I rang them within half a hour of leaving the house. I told them to go straight to the hospital they were admitted

  • I would advise your brother to get his own report from an independent heating engineer. Ask around for a recommendation. It will be worth the money. I don't trust big organisations, they cover their own backs.

  • Hi Cheers this no point just yet as everything is bushed cooker boiler but agree is worth doing for piece of mind when sorted

  • I have a detector for that as it is in the same room as boiler and my son and is very important. I know lots of peeps have been very ill or died though this.

  • Hi offcuts defo agree alarms are life savers .. Is shocking really how assume just because things are safety checked the ok.

    Never in all time brothers been I'll did we suspect carbon monoxide poisoning.

  • To be fair to Doctors I'm sure they would get a blood test done and that would show it up.

  • This loads of things effect hemaglobin but in USA this more suffer die from traffic car exhaust fumes in relation to environmental carbon monoxide poisoning BUT we can't really talk abut that as it's secret.

  • sorry to hear that

  • Hello JeffAjaxSmith,,,, your post is certainly frightening,,,,and could it be that the council engineer is seriously trying to stop the need to replace the boiler???,,as they are very expensive,,,and if your brothers boiler is faulty and dangerous,,then a lot of other peoples could be in the same condition???,,,

    The national grid engineer has to be correct in their assessments as lives depend on it,,,,so the worst case scenario, is totally unthinkable,,,but this seems not to bother the council and their engineers assessments. I thought cookers could not cause carbon monoxide poisoning,,, as they are used and turned off,,,,

    I would not accept this terrible situation,,,and can your brother prove the outward signs of this deadly condition???

    Bright cherry red face??,,,falling asleep without warning??,,,these are widely acceptable warning signs,,,,

    Is the council waiting for something terrible to happen to your brothers family?

    Go to the press with proof, that the boiler is faulty and get another assessment from national grid,,,and making sure that the carbon monoxide meter is totally accurate,,and the warning sound it makes is heard,,,

    I wish you and brother good luck in getting this dangerous situation corrected,,and the boiler is replaced,,sooner rather then later,,,,ttfn from Karen.

  • Hi Scouser58 defo agree is terrible situation and given boiler is ok it's still bushed HOW that works must be like magic.

    Council engeriner don't know brother as solicitor SO everything and there incompetence is being logged.

    I guess they will get round to replacing boiler TILL then am trying to get hold of PPM of carbon monoxide numbers from cooker and boiler.

  • Thinking about it, If the dwelling belongs to the council they should check the Gas boiler every year

  • New regulations came in this year I thought, for landlords

    My gas fire was condemned ...I could never work out why I felt like I had flu at home, but OK at work.

    I had to buy a new boiler this year at great expense , could no longer get the parts for a 30 year old one.

    I now have a carbon monoxide detector .

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