please explain

Hello all, i have been diagnosed with c.o.p.d emphysema, 4 months ago,i have stopped smoking after 50 years and i am not familiar with the different stages of this disease, i am using RELVAR ELLIPTA, a powder inhaler that is working very well, i have stopped coughing and i have very little mucus obstruction, my question is what stage of emphysema would i be in to be prescribed this medication, i am 70, thank you

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  • Very well done for stopping smoking! Your inhaler can be prescribed at any stage. To discover your stage you would need the nurse or doctor to inform you of the results of your last spirometry test, specifically the FEV1 percentage.

  • thank you mrsmummy, i will speak to my health nurse bout it

  • WOW!!!! thats very encouraging sailer67 thank you very much

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