copd with racing pulse

Wondering if anyone experiences my symptoms. I have severe copd and,on 02. 24/7 at

2.5 LPM. With slightest exertion, my heart rate would surge up to 115 BPM. It was always in the mid to high 90s. The rapid rate would cause severe shortness of breath.

I check my oximetry and 02 stats are good. Had ECG and no issues? Doctor has put me on a beta blocker which has slowed the heart rate considerably. HE also put .me on warfarin to thin my blood. The beta blockers have slowed the heart but also slowed "me"! I am lethargic and could give a s--- about anything! I believe I am depressed but already take a pill for that and am afraid to try anything new as the last time we did that I ended up sleep walking and hurt myself banging,into furniture!

I don't understand why this heart rate issue happens. Anyone know??

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  • I too have high heart rate on exertion. Normal at rest. Exercise tests are stopped by the physiologists. I assumed it was to do with the other conditions apart from the obstructive airway disease. Possible PH. Push for answers.


  • Thanks for your response Latina. My doc has not mentioned pulmonary hypertension but I sure have all the symptoms. I shall ask him next time.

  • Good reply from Katinka and hope you get some answers very soon. Xxxxx

  • Hello

    I don't have copd but did have asthma quite badly as a child and it died down at about 17-18 and I was symptom free for years

    March this year I had a bout of flu/cold or whatever was going round and one weekend couldnt stop a coughing fit in had so went to out of hours to see if I had a chest infection or what it was... they said to me I was tachycardic (my pulse was 110+ resting) that and coughing blood they believed was a blood clot

    Anyway after going to a and e, my own gp, a respiratory cardiologist, a load of tests a second a and e visit on the advice of the gp (she suggested I could be having a heart attack with the chest pain)

    It turns out... my asthma was back and because it was uñ controlled the inflamation in the lungs was causing the heart to work harder to compensate for the inefficiency

    or so is the theory of the doctors And my pulse would suggest they were right


  • Thanks for your response chip. Yes, I believe the heart is working overtime e to get enough oxygen. I think the heart muscle must eventually weaken so much that it gets too tired. So even with a beta blocker, I am wondering if this is the beginning of the endL???

  • I dont think so,

    I have been trying different medication with the help of my doctor and keeping my asthma under control means my pulse stays within normal range

    And loosing weight wouldnt have done me any harm either (I'm overweight)


  • Yes, ,should,think carrying extra weight would make things more difficult. I am very thin except my abdomen has a different plan!

  • Yes I read that asthmatics that are overweight struggle more to keep the asthma under control

  • I have COPD and am on beta blockers and a type of warfarin and many other round things, long things fat things anyway my heart races with or without strain hence the beta blocker upgrade last week. The other thing is COPD has depression as one of its side effects, and I am in the 'teary at anything' point at the moment and can blub for England ! So it;s either a case of buck up or tell your GP and see if there is something else out there that can help but not anti-depressants please xxxxx

  • Thanks jjnana for your reply. I more antidepressants! What I find myself doing, is taking each day as it comes and do,what,I want, which is,usually just,hanging around my suite. I live in Alberta, Canada and the weather changes e veRey 10 minutes so I use the weather as my excuse. Am I normal? Haha what a dumb question,

  • Hi there Mooskie and yes depression does seem to go hand in hand with COPD, I'm afraid. I'm a pill person not out of choice, but out of need. I've a pill for depression that after a year doesn't seem to have done much if anything! To ask the Doctor for another type is what I should be doing to be honest. However, I'm like you and others on here who do believe aPMA does wonders for your mental health and more. I'm so breathless 90%of the time, I've now frightened myself into just trying a little exercises a few times each day. O I'll find an excuse for anything, believe me! Racing heart isn't nice and I have PAH,hypertension and that can make your heart race like mad for no particular reason. You would do best to seek medical advice as there maybe something that can help you. Do let us know and hope you feel better soon.

  • Hi squirrel....thanks for your note. I have a question. What is aPMA ??

  • So sorry Mooskie , typo error(as always with me I'm afraid!) PAH = Pulmonary Arterial


  • So sorry for the 2nd and final time - PMA = Positive Mental Attitude!

  • Thanks Squirrel. Can you tell me what tests are done to diagnose PAH?

    I am one of those people who likes to understand everything about my illness.

    Thanks again.

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