Exercise? Lucky You!!!

I have COPD/Emphysema. I smoke. I know the two do not good bedfellows make.

I'm constantly seeing the advice and to be honest, it gets on my nerves! I am not able to give up the worlds most addictive substance without help and support but there isn't a stop-snaking clinic that I can get to.

As for exercising, (the advice that most often is given along with the smoking advice)., I would happily take up running/jogging/swimming/horse riding/etc etc etc. But those are not available to me either.


Because I am disabled due to a spinal injury. I haven't been able to leave the house in over three years and have been totally bedridden for little over 14 months. I cannot get to the toilet on my own and cannot use the stairlift without help. My depression and psychosis is very bad at the moment, too.

Stop smoking clinics don't make house calls and the whole fiasco of trying to go swimming is a joke. It would be easier if I was paralysed because I'd not feel the excruciating pain that goes with moving!!!

That's why it's not very nice to hear all about making things better for myself if u gave up smoking and went jogging!!!

Even smokers who manage to quit without using the clinics still have the support of family and friends. How many could give up smoking without any help? My carers come in four times a day and change often due to the agency that they work for.

When you next give out the advice to others, and are advocating the above, try to include solutions to those of us who cannot do as advised.

Just saying.

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  • There is a very good online stop smoking site on here called 'Quit'. Just go into my communities at the top, browse other communities, and type in quit in the search box. They are very supportive and might help you to give up. x

  • Thank you Coughalot2. I will check it out. Thank you! xxxx

  • You are welcome and I am sure they can help. Let us know how you get on x

  • Hi I agree with coughalot the quit support site are really helpful. I am a member. And had my last cig 2 years ago.

  • Ecigs helped me stop smoking

  • Hi dizzyrose I'm sorry to hear your health problems I also have lower back problems due to bulging discs I have spine blocks for the pain but also have trapped nerves which cause pins and needles in both hands and feet making walking difficult.

    Having said all that I gave up smoking I used champix which your GP will prescribe I took the tablets at night and 8 days later didn't want to smoke not much support is needed when using this method but they have support groups on line and we are always hear to support.

    I was so scared to give up the thought of not having a cigarette scared the life out of me but it was the best thing I ever did.

  • I cannot take champix due to one of the psychiatric drugs that I'm on for depression/psychosis/mood disorder. That's what I meant be having to do it entirely in my own. I have no family and that also makes things difficult. I have one friend. She lives miles away with her 2yr old and her 1yr old little boys. The carers aren't allowed to buy smoking 'paraphernalia' which includes ecigs + liquids!!!???!!! Stupid but true! So it's really tough.

  • Hi you can buy e-cigs online and the liquid. But make sure you buy from a reputable company and not one of those dodgy foreign ones. x

  • Hi DizzyRose. I've smoked for 50 years and am now using an e-cig......it's working for me .

    If you have a look on Utube, there's some upper body exercises for the bedridden and physically challenged ....might be worth a look, or maybe your doctor can arrange to get something tailored specially for you.

    Good luck with it all and I hope that you find something to help a little.

    Let us know how you get on.

    Pam XXX

  • Hi Dizzyrose, I'm inclined to go with Pam1952 's advice. To give up smokes, when bedridden sounds really hard. Bad enough when you can be moving about. The e-cig sounds more what would work for you. Your probably bored, and it would keep your hands busy. The upper body exercises would also be great, if you can manage. We're all here for you, whenever you want to chat.😁 Ruby🌹

  • Hello Dizzy Rose

    your circumstances are very different to most people on this site.

    Perhaps not all members looked at your profile when they replied with what they thought was helpful advice.

    However, the best advice to anyone with lung problems IS not to smoke. and try to keep active.

    It is your life, and if you want to smoke, then carry on smoking.

    If you want to give up and need support, there are people out there who can help you.

    There are medications your GP can give you a prescription for, there are quit sites to offer you support, and there are e-cigs and the likes, to help with your craving.

    Whoever does your shopping for your cigarettes, could pick those up for you.

    Whatever you decide, I wish you well, and good luck.


  • I have a "neighbour who often "finds" ciggie washed up on the beach. These are then sold cheaply!?! So to ask him to go out and buy me an alternative would be met with a big, fat NO! :0(

    The info given about online cigs etc has been extremely helpful and I shall definitely give them a good run. I hate smoking - even before getting COPD - and would be so proud if I can give up. I am most definitely going to do my very best and thank you to all who've offered support.

  • Hi dizzyrose sorry you are bed bound but there are plenty of exercises you can do have a look on the Internet for exercises for people who are bed bound. I have very bad arthritis and am in a lot of pain when moving but I do try to keep as mobile as I can. I also have COPD and when I have to go on antibiotics I have to stop taking the medication I take for my arthritis. Please try and stay positive there is always help out there you just have to look take care xx

  • Hello again DizzyRose,

    I replied to your earlier post and told you I had stopped smoking with the help of Zyban. Now I cannot find my post but I am sure I never told you to exercise as I did not know your condition - it was purely no smoking advice as far as I can remember. I meant well, as we all do. I am truly sorry that you are so poorly.

  • I am glad you were able to post your whole story. I guessed there was more to it. So sorry hear about your other problems. A complete nightmare. I do hope you have good doctors. In your situation it is so important. Home visits presumably? Any other medical support? Community respiratory nurse specialist? Physiotherapists? Do you have help from your local spinal injury tertiary unit? And do you belong to the Spinal Injury Association? Bombarding you with questions, but I am concerned about you. My Best Beloved has incomplete spinal injury, can walk, but is disabled. People sometimes make the mistake of thinking that spinal injury, because of the nerve damage, is pain free. Not so. As you know.

    Hang in there.

    Keep us informed of how things go.

    Kate xx

  • Thank you Kate. Thank you everyone. I guess my post was not very cheerful because I'm having a tough time of it all in general. I tend to kick out and find faults with others at these times which I know is wrong. I'm sorry for coming off as a bit of a jerk. It's just so tiring being ill. Sorry though guys. None of it is your fault. Sorry.

  • Feel free to moan. It is what we are here for. We are very good with virtual hugs, and boxes of tissues. We all need a moan and it is helpful to offload here with people who can understand what we are going through.

    K x

  • Too ruddy true!

  • Don't be apologising Rose - this is the place to unload and we can all see you have more than your fair share of problems. Tomorrow is another day and who knows what it may bring for all of us - I so hope an improvement for you.

  • Just read your post in your other community. My first instinct is that you are not getting enough help. Too personal to comment on here, but there are surely ways that your life can be better managed?

    K x

  • What wonderful replies you have had DizzyRose so hope they have helped somehow. We all do our very best to offer support and l do truly hope you get the help you need. Xxxx

  • I don't get much in the way of exercise either Rose - too much of it in my youth means my joints are pretty much worn down and hanging by a thread; don't know if I have replied to your post but if I did it would be to commend the e-cig which saved my health and probably my life - at least for now. Highly enjoyable too.

  • It's tough for some people ,but for me not so much ,as I was blue lighted into ICU with breathing problems the consultant asked if I smoked ?yes I replied ,,"wrong answer he said ,,,the next one will kill you " that was back in 1992 , ,needless to say I never had another cigarette,,,,,good luck in quitting ,

  • So sorry to hear about your health problems Dizzy Rose. I don't think I can add anything to the advice or suggestions already given but I just wanted to say that I hope things improve for you in every area, take care x

  • Hi There

    I see a couple of people have mentioned Champix to help you stop smoking It worked for me think it's a ten week course of tablets took me about five weeks. You will be so proud of yourself Goodluck

  • Hi DizzyRose

    After reading one of your replies I see you are unable to take Champix which is a shame, life seems very unfair at times as you have more than your fare share of health problems. I do hope the carers that visit you daily are kind and supportive. There are lots of kind and supportive friends here in our forum I do hope you stay in touch. I do find them all such a comfort to me. Take Care 😊

  • Hi DizzyRose, I am sorry to hear of your health problems and your inability to stop smoking so I thought of a possible remedy about giving up the old cigarettes. Get yourself a nice bottle of scotch (some of the malts are delicious), get it down your neck at a reasonable rate thereby reducing your mental capability to that of a drunk whereby you will have forgotten where you put your cigarettes. Problem solved.

  • Get a copy of Allen Carr's "Easy Way" To Stop Smoking, you MUST carry on smoking while reading it.

    After about a week you won't want to

    No shock tactics, preaching or similar; just a logical explanation as to why you smoke and then you won't


    Give it a try Hun and Good Luck, you have my admiration for wanting to.



    Thank you for your understanding.

    vThank you for offering the hand of friendship.

    Thank you for all the good advice.

    Thank you for showing that you care.

    Thank you for your offers of support.

    Thank you for not judging me badly.

    Thank you for being such beautiful people.

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️THANK YOU ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    (I've ordered an ecig and juice off of the Internet. Thanks guys!)

  • Well done.

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