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Worried about my mum 😔

My mum had a chest x ray 2 weeks ago after having 2 colds / chest infections in 2 months. Her Gp called her the next working day and told her she has a 3cm "mass" in her upper right lobe which could be a granuloma but he was concerned so referred her on a fast track for ct scan. She had the ct with contrast 2 days later. 2 days after that she received her consultant appointment for 10 days later which is monday 28/11. She previously had a chest X-ray in march this year which was clear - her gp seemed to think this was a positive but I am so worried and anxious. If anything had shown up on the ct would they have called her in for a biopsy or further testing? Or would they leave it almost 2 more weeks to do this? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you x

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Is possible just picked up bits bad infection.

I had similar experience except my lung doctor said i had oblong elongated tumour.

Anyway on follow up test things had resolved them self .

I guess the could be lieing but what would point of that be.

Lots of healthy people have had cancer and its resolved its self with out them knowing SO i would stay positive and try not to worry really.


When my husband was diagnosed with suspected lung cancer, he was fast tracked and was diagnosed in a less than a week. They don't hang about.

Sadly, nothing could be done for him and he died five weeks later. I know of a person who was diagnosed with stage one cancer in June.

By September, after two cycles of chemotherapy it had completely gone, The first cycle was awful and she lost her hair. The second was easy.

Lung cancer is not always a death sentence, especially if it is caught in time. It sounds as if the medics have things under control.

Try not to worry yourself sick over your Mum. If you are very worried, which is understandable, I suggest you talk to her Doctor.


Thank you and I am so very sorry about your husband.

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I don't know the answers, but fingers crossed for her tomorrow (28th).

Best wishes


Best wishes to your mum and hope all goes well for her tomorrow. Xxxx


I hope everything goes well for your Mum tomorrow, do let us know how she gets on x


Hi everyone

Well my mum had her appointment at the chest clinic today and it wasn't good news unfortunately. The mass is 4cm by 4.3cm (I thought it was 3cm but I think I misheard her GP ) and is behind her heart near a bone. The consultant thinks it is a tumour due to its size and how it looks on the ct scan. She is to have a needle biopsy at some point in the next few weeks and also a PET scan. I really didn't expect this x


I'm so sorry that it appears to be news for your mum. I hope you both have plenty of support around you while your going through tough time.

Lynne x


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