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Slowly gaining weight

Today I jumped on the scales for the fist time in three weeks. I have gained 6 lbs in three weeks! 9st 2lbs. It has been hard work to regain my weight from the 7st 10lb when I had that awful flare-up that caused so much damage 6 months ago. I feel no different for it though, but if I fall foul of another flare-up I now have a little something to lose again.

I don't know whether I can keep up with what seems to be constant munching and the bloated feeling though. I am not a food lover and I get little pleasure from having to eat. Food ain't what it used to be, so many "improved recipes" as well, that are only "improved" corporate profits from cheaper ingredients! Just take a look (taste) at what they have done to "Cad****y's chocolate, it is absolutely disgusting now, I would never buy it now.

When are they going to develop a food pill? lol.

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I do wish you well with your weight issues and agree about the chocolate. Off with their heads! to quote a certain Queen. Xxxxx

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I would rather have a diet pill! :) x


Hi iv gone through all that in last year with stomach infection gastritis n its horrible. Fortisips has no lactose n are easy on the intestines. You should ask your doc 4 some. It's not nice being too thin. Although I know some docs are reluctant to give them n say they're for really sick ppl but not being actually able to eat n loosing weight is serious your not getting enough nutrition. My protein n albumin levels are low so I will be asking for some. But this is due to having a large muscle wasting on my right leg caused by combination of very low potassium n antibiotic flagyl ate up my muscle n a bit of my bone. n all protein must be trying to repair that. Iv actually been drinking those ensure protein drinks they're harder on tummy 4minths along with fortisip(much nicer n kind to tummies) n I'm still low on protein.


Also potatoes rice salmon chicken homemade soups advocado green beans hake are all easy on intestines n tummy. Add in some fortsips n you should start to gain little by little. I was 49kgs in Jan n I'm now 59kgs. It takes about 3 months for the stomach to start to improve.


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