My spa day with Sarah

My spa day with Sarah

We had a lovely time at the spa (New Hall ) the champagne lunch was so yummy ,ate far tooo much haha,,,,infact some of the afternoon tea was boxed up and we bought it home , ,so hubby was happy ,,,half an hour in the jacuzzi,,,,then an hours body massage which was so relaxing (,I'm sure bungalow boy will chime in with a sarcastic remark haha ), all in all a delightful day and quality time with my daughter,

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  • How wonderful Nanny, such a lovely time with Sarah and great photos too. Xxxxxx

  • Thankyou Sassy xx

  • Looks lovely, Nanny, and I'm glad you had such a wonderful time. Great treats!! Sue xxx

  • It was a lovely time Thankyou ,xx

  • What a wonderful time you've had Nanny It all looks amazing! You & your daughter Sarah are just gorgeous & so happy looking!

    Glad you enjoyed your spa 🌷

  • Thankyou Jessy your very kind ,xx

  • Good on ya Nanny. Looks a great place and you and your daughter look lovely. Thank you for sharing. We should have been at the Titanic Spa Linthwaite with an overnight stay tonight but with doing the home IVs they have kindly put it forward - looking forward to it.

    Glad you had such a lovely time.

    love cx

  • Believe it or not I should have hone to this spa on January 18th my birthday weekend ,but allmthe health problems, it kept being postponed ,,,,so it was well worth the wait ,I'm sure when you get to your spa treat you will have a lovely time ,take care x

  • Well worth the wait. You deserved a lovely relaxing break. Glad you enjoyed it.


  • Thanks cofdrop x

  • So glad you had a good day. The only New Hall I know is a woman's prison. Doesn't look very spartan to me. No wonder people complain about prison being too soft...

    Let you out on parole?


    Kate xxx

  • Hahah Sutton Coldfield ,,,it was a great treat for good behaviour ,

  • Sounds lovely :) x

  • It was really nice ,😁

  • How wonderful, just what the doctor ordered eh! So pleased you had a great time and I love the pictures!😁 xx

  • Thankyou hufferpuffer,it was a great day x🙋

  • Cor, I am green with envy about the food, although I'll pass, on the massage.

    PS I am so happy you and your daughter had a great time.

  • Thank you ,the food was soooo yummy ,, the champagne went straight to my head ,xx

  • So pleased that you had such a fantastic day with your daughter. It looks and sounds wonderful. Just love a massage, so relaxing!

    Take care.

    Pam XXX

  • Thank you Pam ,

  • glad you had a nice time , I cant think why you would think I would make a sarcastic remark ,

  • Stunned 🤔

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