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Child with Persistent cough every autumn/winter

Since 2012 when my son was 6 months old at this time of year he developed a cough. I was told it was croup then whooping cough when it didn't go away. Every year since as soon as there is a slight change in the temperature the cough reappears, this year I have finally got further than the gp, we saw a asthma paediatrician who tried several medications for asthma none of which worked then we had a sweat test and allergy tests all of which were normal. We were then referred to an ent who has reluctantly booked him in for a sleep test. Last night he developed a severe cough/breathing attack almost we had to use a blue inhaler to calm the cough and his breathing down.

Has anyone else experiencened this?? Any help or information would be greatly appreciated

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My oldest son had this problem when he was young and they put it down to the house being to warm so we turned down the radiators in his room and allowed more ventilation also hoovered his room every day and it really helped ..

Being inside when its warm then going out into the cold really triggered his coughing ....he has grown out of it mostly now he is older


Hi jennahill

So sorry your little one is getting so many coughs in winter. I feel it would be helpful for you to speak to one of the nurses at BLF on Monday 03000 030 555. They have nurses who are very knowledgable when it comes to paediatrics/lungs.

Good luck and I hope for better help for your dear little son.

love cx


Good advice from Cofdrop to call the help line, UK office hours.

There was a very similar post to yours the other day about small child coughing. If you look back through posts you may find some useful replies there too. I know in some areas of UK GPs won't diagnose asthma in a young child but at least you have got to a consultant.

There are some other childhood lung diseases (I don't want to worry you, though your child is in the system at last), they can be helped greatly. Medication is so superior to what was available in our day.

I wish your child all the very best with finding a diagnosis. P


How worrying for you. Yes I had this exact scenario with my son who started at 6 months. What sort of cough is it dry or wet/fruity? how has it resolved each time and does he have any other symptoms?


Hi it's dry but sounds wet or like he is going to cough something up but rarely does. As soon as the weather warms up it's not a problem at all. We are waiting to have a sleep test to monitor his oxygen levels at night, no one seems to know what causes this asthma inhalers don't help normally but on Friday the blue one we have here calmed the breathing down quickly


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