COPD Flare up

Oh well, up since 4 a.m. Unable to breath properly due to a COPD Flare up, but I've learned not to panic, that only makes it worse, now sat listening to Radio 4, having just managed to make a cup of tea (took me 20 minutes to get energy to move) waiting for 8:00 so I can ring Doc's. Hoping for a short course of prednisolone as that seems to be the only effective treatment for me. Hey ho.

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  • no how u feel except for the breathlessness been up since 2 with worsening chest infection clarysomething wot everyone uses on here not worked tickling in throat making me cough got a sinusitis infection which have been on doxycillion for since august last wk dr said it was going down to my chest waiting for 7'45 so I can walk over road to drs

    hope u get the right treatment today sorry for rant its the ist time had chest infections since diagnosed with asthma and dysfunctional breathingand I'm frit the antibiotics he gives me today wont work wishing u well

  • Cheers reiver, scarey ain't it. At least on here we can "talk" and share, we are not alone. The worst bit for me is I've strained my chest muscles coughing so can now only manage a real wimp like cough that does nowt to clear me chest. Fingers crossed for your antibiotics, I'm praying for Prednisolone. Have to get a taxi to my docs as It's about a mile away and I can't walk it, that's an expense I could really do without. Hey ho, last time I was hospitalised - free food and heating. :-)

  • lucky for me mines 5 mins away but had to get taxi to hospital yesterday for physiotherisp help with dysfunctional breathing she said will improve when I see ent specialist on the 1 dec wot antibiotics can they give if doxycillion been on it since aug then the clarysoething wot everybody on here has.hope u get on ok at drs be thinking of u when in the que for opening at 8 otherwise no apt weekend coming too

  • Hi reiver, I have to queue outside my doctors surgery if I want to be seen that morning......we have an urgent care clinic which is very good , but there's always a line of people waiting outside .

    I hope all goes well.

  • Best of luck ,changohank........I wonder if you need a longer course of steroids and antibiotics this time.

    Sorry about the cost of a's bad enough that I have to pay Β£1.50 car park charges every time I need a blood test.

    That's on top of my two pair of new glasses this week and the private dentist as well. Hey ho as you say.

  • Yeah, been on steroids before, wonderful! At my Docs you have to phone at 8 am on the day. No pre booked appointment system, think it's that way because people would book a week in advance, get better on their own and forget to cancel the Appt.

    My doc used to be a couple of minutes away then he retired. Bugger.

  • Hope you get a doctors appointment and feel better soon. Xxxx

  • Hope you get what you need, and that you're feeling much better soon. 😊😊😊

  • Cheers all. Will report back, hopefully with a short course of steroids or a stay in hospital, (I'm knackered).

  • Get better soon!πŸ˜€πŸŽπŸπŸ’πŸ―πŸ‹πŸ‹πŸ‹πŸ―πŸ‹πŸ‹πŸ‹ xxx

  • Will do, already feeling a bit better due I think to loads of cups of tea :-) docs at 3:20. Chest hurts a bit due to bruising/tearing caused by too much coughing, can only do really pathetic little coughs now. Cough, ouch, cough, ouch. You know how it goes.

  • Hope you're feeling better soon :) x

  • Hope you are feeling better soon bad time of year for us. I had to start my rescue pack on Tuesday after seeing my resp nurse. X

  • hope your feeling better soon

  • hope ur feeling better and got pills for breathlessness

  • My flare ups all seem to start on Fridays. Luckily have rescue pack. I'm one of the lucky ones, doctor and nurses come to see me, so no traipsing to the surgery.

  • I started an emergency pack 3 days ago. slept very fitfully that first night, coughing and wheezing and rattling, no energy, same again the next night, but last night was dreadful.almost an exacerbation.... could spend about 10 mins on one side or the other then just too hard to get a breath, having to sit on edge of bed to try and get a breath, tried every trick and method I know, but at least half an hour each time before breathing calmed now to just below terror level. Awful...........decided to just ride it out, nothing GP could do even if I could get there, A&E would just say let the emergency pack take its course.

    It is a very lonely and frightening affliction sometimes

  • Exactly how I feel, you've described it perfectly right down to sitting on the edge of the bed. I usually crawl to my shower room and sit on the toilet as well - no dust in there, and we all you know one side effect of terror......

  • Sorry to hear about your struggle that we all know so well. Hope you get sorted and soon. Lots of thoughts coming your way.

  • I saw the doc yesterday, I've been put on a 7 day course of steroids - 6 a day. Got to go back in 2 weeks, also been given a replacement inhalor. :-)

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