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FED UP of GP's and Health Advocates or Gate Keepers

FED UP of GP's and Health Advocates or Gate Keepers

Am sick to High Teeth with so called GP's and there mismanagement of my lung condition TALK about lung disease ... who needs illness when you can have bad advocates champions trying to kill ya.

Yup we are talking about dry infection HOW and WHY the dry is anyone's guess. But GP's need to get over this O ya chest is clear business when you go ask for antibiotics.

My breathing as been terrible and my maintenance antibiotics stopped working SO I started my others but did not have a full course SO I went to doctors wheezing crackling and popping TO be told I don't have infection and i would not be getting other antibiotics.

Is shocking how GP's misjudgment can have such adverse effect on health Wellbeing espicaly when the quite wrong.

So I sat there listening to load of bull about how bronchiectasis and my emphysema was the reason for my worsening breathing.

Could say I thought I had well cooked my beans BUT luckily I knew he / she was full of it and talking out of it AS I had already started feeling better with course of new antibiotics I am taking.

Sure my condition will be worsening esp with my GP's contribution poor judgment BUT even tho am ill and don't need he / she help in my demise a don't think am there yet.

But what I will talk about is dry infection and lot of coughing WELL that could be viral pneumonia YES viral pneumonia SHOCKED so was I.

But I was Lucky as it was NOT viral pneumonia even tho material could caused infection pneumonia BUT material I have been coughing up from my lung was cause.

Rank I know BUT not as bad as what doctors are doing with the masking disease just treating symptom BUT not the cause.

Well after year of searching OF what martial is I have been coughing up WITH no help from medical professions BUT just reading google and my microscope I have identified fibers been coughing up WELL some.

PICTURE this time is off what I believe to be muscle fibers in lung tissue WELL that sent me on quest and it's true you do have muscle fibers in lung tissue.

How and Why god know's but ask any lung disease suffer with club fingers.

It's all very complicated and names are very many : Elastane - Elastic fiber or yellow fibers - Subcutaneous tissue and or extracellular matrix or connective tissue caused produced by fibroblasts and uncontrolled inflammation ALSO can identify fibers by nuclei position.

So what dose it all mean WELL in short my DOCTORs should be controlling the uncontrolled inflammation that is destroying my lungs and blocking up my airways rather than chasing the symptoms of my underlaying condition AND try treat cause.

As clearly from material coughing up AND picture my emphysema is clearly advancing.

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Bless you JAS, take care. Xxxx


Hi sassy cheers am not really religious nor need Devine intervention lol

Just bog standard interested doctor gp would do :o I think

Might even put that on my Xmas list :)

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I'm not religious either but do think of you as you go through such a lot. Take care xxx 😀

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Hi Sassy Cheers yer i have odd speed wobble BUT belive in delegating so pass strife trouble on to my doctors to fix.

After all its them that get big bucks to fix me up.

Guess thats why doctors don't offer warranties

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Hi Jeffajaxsmith, I understand and share your thoughts as I am forever coming against similar situations in respect of all my chronic conditions and especially the lungs. But I am used to it as this as always been how they manage my health conditions, the NHS is using gatekeepers as you put it and deciding what is best treatment for certain illnesses especially ones prone to flare up changes or sudden deterrioration. I believe in many cases they use the wait and see attitude, while telling the patient to follow certain guide lines on weight control, healthy eating ,exercise ect ect. But even the most healthy of chronic sickness sufferers need a medical care plan that fits the illness as per best control, plus reveiws when things change, which is definately not happening in your case or min e come to that. I wish you every best wish in getting thew care you really need not the government decided plan of DIY health care. Take care and look after yourself , and don't give up on looking for answers to your health care xxx


Hi Katie Cheers defo agree with the wait and see ... Is shame really as the wait that long in most cases nothing can be done.

Think thsts what i find frustrating.

Did read ya was going on jollies again YAL be warring that town out lol


And some times patients die or deterriorate while waiting, if you deterriorate then your blamed for not seeing the doctor quickly. its a no win situation for all on the wait and see register, as they use that approach to all your ailments. Speak to you soon when I get back.....


Hope things get better for you. I am also frustrated with doctors and misdiagnoses. I went along time without a diagnosis and continue to be annoyed by uncaring and/or incompetent medical staff. Take care!


Hi Tbeth defo know how ya feel and thanks


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