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FAULTY BOILER carbon monoxide poisoning

FAULTY BOILER carbon monoxide poisoning

Just been on phone to my brother WHERE he tells me national grid just condemned he's house central heating boiler due to faulty flue fitted

They confirmed boiler is filling house with deadly carbon monoxide thus poisoning him and he's kids.

Is important if you or your kids start suffering no stop headaches you suspect carbon monoxide poisoning.

If your house is effected it can effect your nabour home too especially if terraced house.

Clearly we are not impressed with landlord and so called gas safety checks AS clearly they don't work.

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Carbon monoxide is not nice a friend of mine her boiler was like that I only sat in her kitchen for about a hour and my head was banging I would report the landlord to the council

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Hi Cheers its been going on for good bit.

I thought was WIFI at first but when kids started having chronic migraine well thats not normal

But yer landlord is council so we took pictures copied report so going to get in touch with landlord tomorrow.

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The guy who did the boiler wants reprimanding the kids are lucky

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Hi cheers defo agree the all are really BUT we know about brothers so who else as guy been to.

I would ask under the freedom of information is this guy qualified if he works for the council he should have his papers, if not then you have a case against the council.

Some years ago when we had our extension built the electrician was 2 weeks late coming to us because the year before his company had lost the service contract with the council. The reason was they gave the contract to a Polish firm they had wired a building and it had caught fire due to faulty wiring and the guy who did my extension had to go and sort it out.

luckily no one was hurt in the fire the residents were out for the day with carers'

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That is terrible but am not surprised esp these days.

Am going to sort it for brother think my first port call is solicitor and depending whats said might be health safety executive office.

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make sure to keep a copy of everything the problem with this country everyone is trying to save a few pounds bloody false economy if you ask me

So true .. an clearly wrong when its at cost of health and welfair wellbeing

Life has become so cheep in the uk

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Sad but I think so true

How awful, I hope your brother and his family are all OK.

My son's best mate is a Gas Safe registered heating engineer/plumber and he has some tales to tell! One of which is being offered payment by landlords for gas safe certificates without actually doing the annual inspections. Fortunately he has scruples and won't get involved in this sort of dangerous practice.


Hi cheers thats why we never suspected carbon monoxide poising given gas safety checks.

Clearly guy who did last one as some explaining

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It certainly needs reporting. Get your brother to ask to see the latest safety certificate. Does he remember someone coming along to do the inspection?

It's either something to do with the landlord not following the rules (and putting their lives in danger) or the Gas Safe engineer not doing his job properly and he can be reported to Gas Safe Register. If your brother has sight of the certificate with the engineer's details on he can be checked out here:

This sort of thing makes my blood boil, it could so easily have ended tragically :(


Hi cheers he's landlords council and council did repair it SO guess will have records AND told brother not to let council take any paper work till copied and he just taken picture of boiler and flu.

Well, as it's the Council then hopefully they do things by the book, which might mean the engineer has cut corners or is at fault. Good luck with getting to the bottom of it.

Cheers the defo have to things serious as engineer would been passed other houses.

Hi JAS how terrible for your brother and family and hope it gets sorted out properly and soon. The landlord needs to pay out to have it put right.

Hope you are ok. Xxx


Hi Sassy is bad really as my brother as health issues SO how much is down to that.

Makes me wonder BUT when i visited did make me feel quite ill but i put it down to wifi.

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Such a shame JAS. Hope it's all sorted soon. Xxxx

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Is bad really how is own illness masked it for good bit.

Guess when ill we have to be extra cautious.

Guess its like oldham hospital pregnant women scandal.

Nurses deprived her of oxygen and when it causes health issues they said she had mental health issues.

Like i say guess all have to be carefull these days


I think it should be law that ever house with a boiler has a carbonmoxide alarm fitted , when we put our multi fuel stove in we had to have one fitted to pass the safety test , only cost a few pounds and can soon save a life ,

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Hi Cheers defo agree with you there some councils do and some don't .. But he did have one that's how he knew but was on kitchen work top so would only gone off when nearly killing you given where was.

You assume given checks alls well but you can be so wrong

the return of slum landlords in my city

glad ur family r ok bloke who did the jpassed it should get the sack and firm put out of buissness

totally preventable

sorry didn't read it properly council property ours fits a carbon monoxide detector upstairs and downstairs annually about only good thing they ever do

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