Back on antibiotics and steroids!!!

I was on my emergency pack two weeks ago when i thought i was coming down with something and it never seemed to clear even tho GP said my chest was clear and i mentioned about not being able to cough anything up he gave the cor tablets

Today I'm off work feel like hell had decongestants and now steam inhaler where i coughed up some hard mucus. I now have cracked open the new emergency pack have i done the right thing? I'm confused because GP said my chest was clear even tho i was wheezing?

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Not always easy to know when to break out the emergency meds pepparuby but if they do help then so be it.

Feel better soon. Xxxx

A difficult decision really pepparuby1 as you've only just finished a course of AB's recently. I'd suggest a call to your Doctors first thing in the morning and tell them that you've begun a 2nd course. Do let us know what happens ,won't you? Best of luck!

I'd go with your instinct it is your body and if you feel you need them then you do - I'm like you hardly ever cough or bring up mucus so it is very difficult to know by the standard guide lines when I have an infection so have to trust my instincts and even then usually leave it a day or two longer than I should - good luck xxx

I hit my emergency pack whenever I start to bring up anything with colour in it.Usually Dark Yellow which then turns dirty green.

I've had Emphysema for almost thirty years now and very often I need a TWO week course of antibiotics. The thing is, if there's no bacterium present the antibiotics don't have anything to work on. then again, it's never wrong to err on the side of caution. Good Luck.

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