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The Brompton refereal


I have been referred by my consultant of my local hospital to The Brompton in London for further investigations to day as I have been suffering with my Asthma and breathing problems for a year now and have really only had a 8 week window of being well During the summer months.

6 weeks in with steroids, a week antibiotics and a cocktail of medication along with nebulising I'm still feeling really shite.

So grateful for the lite at the end of tunnel with a Brompton referral. Just wondering what sort of time span is a referral given does anyone Know?

I'm off work also as really struggling, not going down so well considering I was off 4 months last winter 😩

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Morning jokir l hope you get all the help you need at the Brompton, its a good hospital.

Wishing you well xxxxx

Me usually takes 4 weeks from referral sent to appointment because they are a specialist centre waiting times are really short..

Good luck. May your wait be short.

Good luck with the referral Jokir, hope you don't have to wait too long :) x

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Hope you're not waiting too long and get some answers when you get the referral appt. In the meantime try not to stress about being off work, your own wellbeing is the most important thing. Take care and let us know how you get on x

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