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Hi all need some advice, earlier this year my GP wondered if I had COPD at all as my spirometry test was reading better than the year before, so I asked the appropriate question which of course was well if it isn't that what was it, my better half at this point added that on an x-ray that I had done some time back whilst in hospital had shown a small nodule on my left lung, so GP said I should have another chest x-ray which results have come back as slight worsening of my COPD question is what do I do now? Do I carry on taking meds or not? also I have been told that I have large lungs would this make any difference?

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  • Large lungs can be a symptom of COPD, as a result of airtrapping and hyperinflation. Not sure what else would show on an x-ray as a clear dx of COPD.

    Silly question coming up. Do you feel that you have COPD?

    Has your breathlessness been building up slowly for a few years? Do you have frequent infections?

    I'm a bit of a blood hound about too quick a dx of COPD.

    Push your doctors and question what they say.


  • Ask to be referred to a Pulmonary Consultant at Hospital. The tests you would have there would decide one way or the other.

    Don't just stop taking your medication.


  • It isn't up to you to try to guess your diagnosis! Ask for referral to a respiratory consultant but meanwhile keep on taking your meds, though you could cut down on your reliever inhaler if you don't have symptoms which need relieving. But do push for referral - you need to know!


  • Large lungs and over inflated lungs are different on x-ray. Ask for a copy of the report and see what it actually says.

  • I have large lungs too and was told this was because of the copd. I have had asthma for many years and I was diagnosed with mild copd a few years. Once I was on better inhalers the nurse said I didn't have copd any longer as I had just slipped out of the range. It was only a temporary respite unfortunately! x

  • At my last doc app I noticed on the screen the letter from hospital,and I saw the word super lung when I ask doc about it he said my lungs were large because of emphysema then he changed the subject,next time I'm their gonna ask about it and if he doesn't tell me I'm gonna request my records I feel very much in the dark ' so I'd say keep asking and pushing for answers it's ur right ,

    Best o luck xx

  • In all honesty I simply cannot make up my mind if I have COPD or not, there are days when I sound like an old steam engine and there are days that are better. I do know I have AF and am beginning to wonder if this has anything to do with it. I have got that bad that I now have to get about on a mobility scooter and dread the thought of going to bed at night and climbing the stairs.

  • I may be being a bit pedantic here (maybe not for the first time :) I hear you say..)- because you don't know what words the consultant radiologist wrote, and the GP may have read one thing & chose to say the other to maybe save people worrying?

    Note tho' ASFAIK you can't detect mild emphysema on x-ray - mine certainly wasn't.. I also have large lungs (on spiro) for my height ... but never shown up as overinflated on x-ray or CT scan.

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