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Brain non cancerous tumor

Here is the report of my father.. my father has non cancerous tumor on the left side of brain.. doctor has suggested styroids to him that results in high suger and many other problems but his tumor hasnt increaSed or decreased since 8 months i dont know wat to do ? Does he neef surgery or not ? Can some neurological doctor help me??? Im very dpress???

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Hi I am very sorry to hear about your father and I hope he is ok. I am not sure how we can help you here as this is a site for lung problems. You might be better off seeking a more appropriate site for better help and advice. x


Yhank you


I am so sorry to hear of your worries about your father. Unfortunately as this is a site for lung problems, I think our members will not have the experiences you need to be able to help you.

I suggest you contact the Brain Health community by clicking on the link below, where I am sure you will receive the support you need. My very best wishes to you and your father.


Im in your debt GOD bless u .. dear


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