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metallic taste after stopping smoking

this is about the 50th time i have tried to stop ... i am 63 now and stopped for 7 days so far ... it was the metallic taste along with swollen tongue ulcers on both sides more ulcers around my gums and inside my mouth that made me smoke again ...

the very next day all the ulcers would be gone and my tongue back to normal.. how good is this nicotine addiction ...

in my case it was blood taste probably all the antibodies come to fight the war in my mouth and digestive system ...

the best i can do is drink water and lots of it it calms the ulcers but find myself going to the loo 20 times a day ... without smoking i want to eat or drink something all the time ... i think it is best not to eat to to much ,, drink water it is the essence of life

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I am so sorry that you are having all these complications. It must make life very difficult and massively increase the craving for a cigarette. I think others on the forum would be able to reassure you that it is a short-lived phase of giving up and in a few weeks time you will start to feel the benefit.

How about your GP? I think a lot of GP practices offer "Quit" programmes.

Soon others will respond with their take on your dilemma.

All the best

K x


hi thank you k for the reply don't be sorry i had to find another way to stop i did persevere for 12 months when i was 40 but the pain won ... this time i have cut down from 25 a day to 10 a day i was trying to get to 3 a day but i was coughing to much so went to zero it's all good... i read 100 ways to stop smoking that what i needed ...

i did go to doctors that said they would have the answer which lead to a specialist whom gave me a special mouthwash but in the end nothing worked ... until now ... fingers crossed ... there are to many triggers which leed down the wrong path ... be your true self not the false one to win the battle and the war....



Good luck to you Bert and hope you can finally kick the habit. Xxx

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Hi there is a quit site on here which is great and they can help you to stop and stay stopped. They might also be able to advise about the ulcers. x


Hi Bert I was prescribed Champix tablets it's a 10 week course to help smokers stop I had had far to many failures and was pretty desperate my husband and I both in our sixties stopped within 6 weeks. Good Luck it's not easy but you will feel so much better I did gain weight with all the snacking but soon lost it again drinking lots of water is a good thing to do as you say as long as there's a loo close at hand 😂

Take Care

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I tried and tried and tried but it came down to a simple picture of my first grand-son.I realised that all these other times I had no real reason to stop except I thought I should.

The photo of my grand-son made me realise I would miss so much if I didn't stop.

Haven't had a smoke in 15 years and I've seen my grand-son grow into a smart young man,certainly more to do with his pants than me.

What I'm saying is find a reason outside health reasons and it's quite easy,this is only an idea to help,your circumstances may be in no way comparision to mine but it's worth a thought.

By the by I could still murder a fag even after all this time.

Hope this helps

Take care


Corsodyl Mouthwash is brilliant for mouth ulcers

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