My flipping nose !!

I don't remember last year having spent so much time blowing my nose, every little job I do, out come the tissues, walk upstairs have to blow, prepare a meal any exertion I don't have a cold just this silly runny nose just a clear liquid is this another known symptom of COPD emphysema don't remember it being as bad as this before hopefully just the cold weather. ?

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  • Pete also gets this from time to time but no idea why. Perhaps others may know. Xxxxx

  • 😄 Sorry, I can't explain it, but I'm going through the same thing! I've put tissues in every room, my poor nose is getting so sore, too. Hope it lets up soon.

    😷 Krysta

  • Thanks for your reply Krysta looks like I am not alone here. 🤔

  • hi granny if the nose is dryed out to much , what i would do is with your fingers wet them and wipe up inside your nose with the wet fingers, keeps it moist but no runny stuff, think thats why its sore granny, read that some where, its worked in past for me.

  • Thanks Poppy, I do use saline nasal spray and nasal gel for the outside of my nose......not too keen on sticking my fingers up my nose that much 😉

    ☕ Krysta

  • Sinus problems are very common which ive just discovered myself but a constant runny nose of clear liquid sounds like something you should mention to your GP

  • Thanks Mandy will mention it next visit I don't feel ill I just thought it maybe be a common symptom of COPD just a nuisance X

  • hi they can be related EFOL see your dc as mandy says .

  • Ive been having loads of nasal problems and it is common with lung disease but did read something that said if you have a constant runny nose with clear liquid thats salty like tears ((((dont know how you would know this bit))))) it should be looked at especially if it dosnt dry on the tissue but stays wet ..

  • I normally get a very runny nose just before I get all the usual symptoms of a full blown cold, but I always have done, long before having COPD. I usually increase the hot drinks and start taking lemsip as soon as it starts.

  • I get this from time to time - more often in the colds season. I use a netti pot & saline wash helps lots. Amazon. Neilmed is the best known, but search around.

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