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I am a carer for my x husband, we do not live together I work 36 hrs a week he does not work, he is on 24hr oxygen.........He and I have been having probs getting bus pass we are awaiting reply (2nd attempt) the paperwork sent with docs letter all script copies we could get , he has had a pass before but is now worse. We have looked at the P I P Assessment on line and yes it is hard as the questions are general and do not cover everyones probs it is designed to be hard and a prob to fill in ,I have been in touch with Age Uk and they have said they will assist with the filling in, or we could try C A B for help, also I am going to be visited to see if I am suitable to be my ex husbands rep, in dealing with things.........He has no one else who is willing to do it.......I hope to attend the P I P face to face assessment with him, he will be going in a wheel chair..............If anyone has any advice on anything mentioned here I would be grateful thankyou M Davies

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Morning olwynethel, your ex husband is very lucky to have you care for him. Not sure why he is having problems with a bus pass but CAB or Age UK could help with that too perhaps.

Good idea to attend any assessments and do remember when filling in forms, to write about things at their worst not just on a general day.

Good luck to you and very best wishes. Take care and look after yourself too. Xxxxx


Sorry can't help, but good luck with everything and all best wishes.


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