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Hi all, amazing group of people!

I am 34 y.o. and smoked about 8 years. I was coughing with white sputum and noticed that going up stairs meant I had to catch my breath. I decided (2 weeks ago) that is time to stop smoking and I did. Saw my GP and she gave me 7 days Amoxicilin 500mg. I finished the tablets but unfortunately when I do some intense activities (even when walking and talking in the same time) I still have to stop 1-2 seconds to breathe. I went to the GP and she told me that my chest is clear, my blood tests and ECG are ok... I asked for a X-ray and she said I do not need it. Any thoughts? Is it normal after chest infection and antibiotics to still feel like this? Can it be also the fact that I stopped smoking?

Thanks a lot for your answers!


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  • Hello Daniel

    Welcome, and well done on stopping smoking.

    Your lungs have had a lot to put up with, an infection and quitting smoking.

    I can only tell you from my own experience....l have Copd and Asthma.

    If l am recovering from a chest infection, it can takes weeks before l feel 100%.....and when l gave up smoking, my lungs were clearing themselves of gunk for months.

    Your GP thinks it was an infection, and nothing more sinister.

    If you are still concerned, and suffering with breathlessness, l would return to your GP and ask to do more specific tests specifically designed to indicate a lung xray and a Spirometry test was the first thing my GP performed to see if l had Copd.

    Good luck


  • Thanks a lot for your reply! Will you conditions become better? I really hope they will!

  • Hi Daniel

    Sadly no, ...but l take my meds, try to keep myself fit, and don't let it get me down.

    I know my limits, ...l adjust to each day on how l am feeling, ..😂


  • Sorry velvet 55, roughly how many days, weeks should I wait to recover or shall I go to GP straight away? Finished the antibiotics this Thursday went to GP on Wednesday and she said that chest is clear and I should go back to my duty :) no other explanation....


  • Hello Daniel

    We are all different, and there is no right or wrong lengths of time taken to recover.

    You have to figure that out yourself based on how breathless / ill you are feeling.

    If you think something is still not right, go back to your GP and explain.


  • Hi kennek18 Welcome to the forum.

    You are only 34 and make no mention of any ongoing lung condition so hopefully it is just a case of getting over an infection and the effects of stopping smoking that are causing you problems.

    velvet55 has given you excellent advice that I can't really add to.

    I wish you a speedy recovery.


  • Thanks a lot!

  • Morning Daniel and welcome. Good that you have a given up smoking. I found I had lots of ailments for a few months after quitting 6 years ago but if I hadn't stopped I maybe would not be here now. You need to visit your GP again if your breathlessness continues. Hope you won't go on to develope a serious lung condition. Your age is in your favour. Good luck. Joyce.

  • Thanks for your reply! I will not go on smoking if is what you meant. Seeing what my lungs are clearing I realise what an idiot I was all these years!

  • You have the right attitude to keep off the cigarettes.. Think of the ex smokers on here with lots of lung problems when you feel like lighting up.

  • Did a lot in my life and I still think that this is the most stupid thing I ever did! Thanks for the support!

  • Hi again Daniel

    Don't beat yourself up about it, many of us do stupid things in our lifetime, just try not to do it again, as they say, learn from you mistakes.


  • Hello Daniel, well done on quitting smoking :) Your breathlessness could be the after effects of the infection you've had. Also when stopping smoking, sometimes lungs can tighten up a bit (this happened to my daughter) before beginning to feel better and easier. Having said that, keep an eye on it and if you continue to be concerned, go back to your GP and ask for further tests :) x

  • Thanks Jaynaiar ! Do you know for how long felt it?

  • I think it was around 4/5 weeks - she took up running (starting off slowly with a minute walk and then a minute run and building up over quite a period of time to just running) and her breathing gradually got better. But, it's important where health is concerned to remember that everyone is not the same - what happens for one isn't necessarily the same for another - so although it could be what is happening for you, again I emphasise, if you are concerned at all go back to your GP and ask for further tests etc. Good luck :) x

  • Hello and welcome Daniel

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