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Please help! Unorthodox asthma and advice

Hello, I hope you can hope me.

I was told by my physiotherapist (and a chemist former surgeon) that Ventolin helps people without asthma by relaxing the chest. She noted I never have a cough, wheeze or mucus so she was suspicious of my asthma diagnosis, but we cannot deny my tight chest and throat and how I seem to struggle to breath both in and out. We know for a fact Vocal Chord Dysfunction is not to blame and thar blue inhalers most certainly help.

Is her theory about non asthmatics benefiting from rescue inhalers true? I hope it is as I am terrified of having asthma due to phobia of chronic illness. I know a few people who have not survived their illnesses.

Thank you for any help you can offer!

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Hi it sounds like you need a proper diagnosis! Have you had an x-ray? A spirometry test?, a peak and flow test? A CT scan? There must be a reason for your symptoms. x

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I have "slightly reactive" moderate COPD (and definitely not asthma) according to my surgery's nice but dim respiratory nurse. I use my blue Ventolin inhaler before vigorous exercise or activity, and before concert style singing, and it makes a real difference. If I forget, I struggle to breathe and end up with aching ribs because my diaphragm pulls harder than my lungs can respond.

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I have had asthma all my life. It started wwhwn I was young, sorta went away at 13/14 years came back later in life. Stay on top of this and do get all the tests , star now for a better life on down the road. Good luck.


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