I had been working for a company for years when my copd emphysema started to get bad after a hip replacement . .they worked with me since i had been with them for years (warehouse) when i was tired i rested and some things i couldnt do...picking up heavy things they are one will hire me plus i wouldnt be able to give 100 percent...what can i do...i am what they called moderate copd and moderate emphysema . ..i am also on a cpap machice at night...will i be able to get disability.

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  • Hello Janet, such a shame you find yourself out of work now. You could contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau and see if they can help.

    Good luck to you. Xxx

  • Good advice of sassy it's what I did their brilliant they can tell you exactly what your rights are and what your entitled to good luck .

  • Hi you don't get benefit on your condition but how it affects you. It is called PIP now. You also need to see if you can claim ESA (which is benefit if you are too sick to work). You will need a sick note from your doctor to claim this. Have a look on the benefits site and it will give you all the information you need. x

  • Hello Janetbell354 and welcome. coughalot2 ,@titchy52 and sassy59 have beaten to it with sound advice. Unfortunately, its a bit of a postcode lottery as to whether you can get a sensible answer from the DWP or go via CAB etc. I've done both over the years and had some more helpful than others. However,once I'd applied for what now is called PIP,and was refused all benefits across the board,I then contacted my local MP. In total amazement, it did achieve something as although it we t to appeal,I did win and my MP(who I'd never ever met,wrote a letter to the Tribunal hearing my case and I eventually WON !!!! So my message to you is,don't give up trying to get what is rightfully yours. There are millions of pounds sitting there in unclaimed sickness benefits- but you have to have guts and determination to get it. Do keep in touch with how you get on. Take care.

  • Thanks but notice that i am in uk site on United states...thank everyone for all help

  • First thing to do is see your GP and get a sick note ( why they are called fit notes now is beyond me) You should easily get one for 3 months or so.

    Then Ring DWP and make a claim for ESA..........This will initially be a long phone fact finding mission, it will be recorded and transcribed and a copy sent to you for verifying/editing . This is nowhere near as bad as it sounds. You will need facts to hand for the phone call, bank details, last wages and employer details etc, savings, and so on... be as prepared as you can.

    Any details not to hand can be filled in when you get the paper copy. This then gets sent back and a date will be given to you for an assessment with a health worker......Again, you will hear horror stories about these, ignore them and stick to the facts, I have had two and both fine with better than expected results.

    There are 2 types of Employment Support Allowance, if you have an incomplete Nat insurance record then it will be income based,savings up to £6000 are ok, after that they niibble at the benefit due. The other type is based on full stamp history, this is not affected by savings or other income such as pensions ( pensions less than about £80 per week will not affect the claim).

    At the same time you need to enquire about PIP as suggested already, this does NOT count as income for any purpose and is also what is known as a gateway benefit, helps to get Blue Badge, and other benefits, also you can have a carer you nominate at no cost to you.The carer can be anyone, and they get £65 per week.

    A lot to take in, but stick at it, it is worth it, if you need ANY more help, please just ask, I will be here.

    This forum will be a good friend to you..................

    and here is another that will help.

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