Wow...just Wow!!

I'm so glad that I've found this website and this wonderful supportive community! I've read a few posts, ranging from a few years ago to a few hours; and the things that runs through both the posts and the replies, is truth, genuine love and support. I've been on several sites for those of us with lung disorders or queries, and pretty much most of them don't seem to have much time for either newbies or even some of the more knowledgeable people, which is such a shame!

I'm also new to this community but I've been diagnosed with my lung problem for almost 20 years. Primarily, I've been told I've got Brittle asthma, with possible Bronchiectasis and my GP thinks that I've also got a crossover from the asthma and COPD. I've had more lung function this past year than ever before and since the 1st round (under a new lung doc), I've gone from 78% FEV1 to a more recent 44%.

I'm not sure how I've managed to go from 78% to 44%, but it seems I've done it beautifully! 😂

Anyway, I'm a mum of 2 teenagers and don't I know it! I'm trying to be more able to get some kind of exercise into my day but I'm struggling a bit with pain around my rib cage.

I've had it on and off for a while now but I've no idea what it actually is...does anyone have any idea as to what it might be? I've tried gentle stretching but if anything, it makes it feel worse...also hot/cold compresses, I've also asked the Dr's, but the answer is that it's muscularskeletal (spelling is probably wrong)... and that it'll happen more often from a point of weakness. Is this right?

I've also had a few bouts of pneumonia and pleurisy, and apparently there's also some remodelling and a wider something or other...I did check, and it's not my wider backside!

I hope that you're all as well as is possible, and thanks for taking the time to read this.

Take care.

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  • Morning QuietMouse

    I am very sympathetic to your problems as I have complex stuff going on in my lungs and it has been difficult (still is) to get a clear diagnosis, let alone treatment. What first came to mind was that as you have had asthma for so long then it is possibly less likely to be muscular-skeletal pain. If you have been breathless on and off with asthma all these years then I think your "breathing" muscles will have adapted and will cope. I am also a believe in patients knowing their own bodies. I have chest pain and very recently a consultant said that sometimes patients who are breathless can have a sense of tightness in their chests. I did not disagree as the time, but I felt this was nonsense. I assume with your history of lung diseases and conditions that you have had heart tests? ECG and Echocardiogram? Long term lung problems certainly can cause changes to the airways and the blood vessels in the lungs.

    Reading you other post on another part of HU I see that your GP is responding to your problems well. Good. GPs are crucial. They control our access to other help.

    Keep pushing for answers.

    All the best

    K x

  • Good morning! Thanks for your reply. I'm sure you're right about my muscles adapting to what ever changes that have happened over the years. I have had several ECG's done, but only 1 Doppler and that showed a heart murmur but it's nothing serious.

    Normally my GP is on top of things but recently I've not seen my usual GP, but a more junior one, and this is where the other problem (pain) has become a more difficult task. But yesterday I'd had enough and asked for my usual GP to call me, which he did, and he's calling me later on, just to see what's going on.

    I hope that you are as well as can be, many thanks again.

    QM (D) x

  • Welcome QuietMouse, hope you enjoy being part of HU. We are a welcoming, caring lot with a good sense of humour too.

    You seem to have your fair share of problems and no l don't mean the teenagers 😂 but there will be help and advice should you need it.

    Best wishes to you. Xx 👍

  • Hi Sassy59! Thanks for your message. I'm so glad that I came across this site, it's helped me with the isolation and I've been given some very wise words.

    I definitely need the humour aspect because I can't take it all too seriously, I'd think I'd get rather depressed if I did! Plus my 2 kids don't give me enough time to overthink things 😂

    Thanks for taking the time to get back to me, it's really appreciated.

    Best wishes to you too!

    Please take good care of yourself


  • Hello, Quietmouse2. I get sore lower ribs, especially on my left side, usually because I have done something physically demanding without taking my reliever inhaler. My diaphragm pulls harder than my lungs are able to move to support the extra movement, goes into spasm, and makes the little intercostal muscles between the ribs go into spasm too. I got it checked out by an osteopath after my GP said the pain was just musculo-skeletal. The osteopath showed me how to ease the spasm in my diaphragm with a technique of pushing my fingers up under my rib cage, and he massaged the strained intercostal muscles to ease them (very sore at the time, but much better after). The moral of the story is, I now take two puffs of Ventolin before any energetic action that will make me breathe deeper, and before any trained singing session.

  • Thanks Ergendl! That's a fab bit of advice...! The next time I do myself a mischief in my ribs, I'll attempt to do that. I can quite believe how sore it is, but at least it'll feel better afterwards, instead of hurting for a longer time.

    If I am attempting any exertion, I normally have to have a neb or two, so if there's any chance of avoiding the rib pain, then that's what I'll have to do!

    Many thanks for your help, I'm very grateful to you.

    Please take good care (I don't know about you, but the cold air also sets me off!)


  • Hello Quiet Mouse, welcome to the site :) x

  • Thanks Jaynair, I've been made to feel very welcome on here, and it's very much appreciated.

  • welcome and best wishes to u

  • Thank you Reiver, I'm very grateful and lucky to have found such a great site!

  • Hello QM2, nice to meet you and welcome to the forum. x

  • Hi Tee1008, it's great to meet you too! x

  • Hello QM & welcome to the site. You have had a rough time of it & you have my sympathy. xx

  • Thank you, Penelope5. We all go through these blips, and I think that mine is merely compounded by having problems with my spine at the moment, so I'm hoping that they both clear off pretty soon!

    I hope you're having a hassle-free weekend.

  • Well to be honest no it's not been hassle free so far. 😲

    You have to laugh though. My cleaner (about whom I could write a book) came yesterday, she does upstairs on Tuesday mornings & downstairs on Friday mornings.

    About 5pm last night I started struggling to breath & couldn't work out why. When later in the evening I went in the sitting room it was explained by the over powering perfume smell. To cut a long story short my husband has been running round the house trying to track the smell down most of last evening & this morning. In desperation I sent her a text asking what she had done. She came round an hour ago & removed the offending reed diffuser from where she had "tucked it out of the way" behind a photo but next to a radiator, that explains why it was so strong of course. It had apparently "fallen out of a cupboard" so she thought she would use it. 👹👹👹 She knows I have breathing difficulties & means well but..........!!

    Funny though (now I can breathe again) xx

  • Quietmouse,

    Welcome to this forum! I have been on this forum for a year now, and I have shared and learned a lot.

    The members of this forum are always here for support and advice.

    I have learned a lot on how to manage my health from this forum.

    Welcome again, Beth

  • Hi Beth, thanks for the great advice. I'm very grateful for you taking the time to welcome me. I think I'm going to be able to learn a lot from you all!

    QM x

  • Hello there QM. Nice to meet you and glad that you've returned. Any pains we get, even when we just breathe, is something that needs to be investigated. Members will have already explained that they have or have had similar and its no fun. Doctors appointment again then,but asking to be referred to a specialist is maybe the next action.? Do try and let us all know what you did and how you've been feeling,won't you. Hope you can have a relaxing weekend.

  • QM2, this is a unique forum, welcome. We're so glad you're here, you'll find a little bit of everything! Informational, fun and so many caring people.


  • Thank you for the warm welcome Krysta! I'm glad I'm here too, and I look forward to getting to know you all, and learning more about everyone's experiences and sharing my own.

    I think that whatever our illnesses or problems are, they're only a part of us, and they shouldn't define who we actually are.

    I hope you have a great weekend!!

    Donna x

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