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Not sure I am in the the right place, some of you may remember my one year battle.


It was getting my inhalers right as I was very breathless and had a lot of scans.

Went for another scan and never noticed what looked to be a hernia but is a stage three ovarian Cysts. Inoperable. Fluid drained from stomach.


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nicki don't no ur story but no how u feel itt took me four months to get an inhaler for asthma cos it got diagnosed as anxiety and I was really breathless I also got polycycistic ovaries I hope u feel a bit more comfortable now they drained ur fluid best wishesx

Hi Nicky I hope things improve for you and wish you well. Xxxx


Sorry to ask did your belly button stick out and hurt on the top as i have a scan on monday

Nicola62 in reply to Hidden

Yes it did


Good morning Nicola,

I hope you are feeling much more comfortable now, and I truly wish you all the very best there is to offer.


You are in my thoughts and prayers, Nicola. Hope you're feeling more comfortable now the fluid has been drained off.

Another one who doesn't know your story but I am sure you must be devastated and very angry. I hope you feel more comfortable now with less fluid and that your breathing is also easier. I wish you well for the future x

Hope you feel better soon

Hello Nicky. I am hoping things get better for you soon. Sending you a big hug and my love.

Cas xx💕

Hello Nicky, I'm sorry too that you've had such a difficult time. I hope you're breathing's more comfortable now and that you're being well looked after. Thinking of you.

Sue x

Nicola62 in reply to Watfordgirl

Poole Hospital has a very good name and reputation, I am nah but there are some private rooms

Nicola62 in reply to Nicola62



Hi Nicky,it's been a tough road for you,but now they know the answers,let's hope they make you a lot more comfortable.

We will be thinking of you,so let us know how you're keeping.

With gentle hugs,& prayers for a better outcome,

keep positive,Wendells xxx

Nicola62 in reply to Hidden

Lovely views of Poole harbour there.

I hope your breathing is better and that you're more comfortable :) x

Hope things feeling better now Nicky.

Just had second lot of chemotherapy feeling good, thanks for all my lovely support.

Watfordgirl in reply to Nicola62

It's so good to read that, Nicky, and great that they're helping you. Take care and be sure to let us know how it goes.

Take care and get better! 🌹🌹🌹x

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