Vitamin D & Respiratory Illnesses

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  • Useful stilltruckin, thanks. Nice to see you, I was thinking earlier this week that you hadn't been here for a while.

  • Been preoccupied learning how to cope on my own. Partner in hospital for a few weeks.

  • hope ur partner recovers ok

  • Nice to see you're still truckin' ST. Beginning to think you'd retired. Hope your partner improves and that things get back to normal soon.

  • Good to see you, Stilltruckin. I've got myself up to 4,000 iu of vitamin D and 100 mcg. of k2. I'm very deficient, with a reading of 13! Dr. scared me, saying my bones are going to crumble! Will be getting a bone density soon. Do you think I should be taking more? Just wondering, how much do you take? It's good to see you. We could do with some health posts on here. Take care, Ruby🌹

  • I take a 5000 IU/day plus 100 mcg K2.

  • ruby red if we r defecciant over here we get a vit d injection or we did they've probably changed it cos of cuts to nhs is he not willing to do that get some calcium tabs too for ur bones ur dr should really have explained how much vit d you need for ur bones hope u get on ok best of luck.

  • Good article and useful information. Does anyone know as a guide how much Vitamin D to take per day? I am tempted to got to Boots on my way home - I much prefer the dissoluble vitamin tablets that make a nice drink.

  • 5000 it is then, thank you :)

  • I do find the daily fail are so often printing scare stories without any substance. But I was found Vit D deficient and when they put me on them I did feel marginally better. Then they decided that I need another test and low and behold I was not Vit D deficient anymore. So they took them off me. Not to long after my chest was back to my normal and getting regular infections? My GP Practice is anti Vit D they as much said it to me.

  • Good to see you Stilltruckin and wishing your partner well.

    Pete had been advised not to take Vitamin D. He has sarcoidosis and COPD. Xxxxxx



    'High Blood Calcium Levels or conditions that can lead to high calcium levels such as:

    High Calcium Levels



    Parathyroid disease

    Having an Organ Transplant

    are 'relative' Vitamin D Contraindications. This means that if you have these conditions, have high Blood Calcium Levels or think that you may have any of these problems, then you must NOT take Vitamin D until you get the express permission of your doctor. If your doctor chooses to give you vitamin d, then it should be done in a conservative manner and you should have VERY frequent Vitamin D and Calcium levels in order to make sure that your condition does not worsen with Vitamin D.'

  • Thanks Stilltruckin. Xxx

  • I have recently read that if you have sarcoidosis you shouldn't be low or deficient in your vitamin D blood levels, anyone reading my comment do check this out yourself though.

  • Hi still trucking, it's nice to hear from you again, you were missed.

    I can well believe that this article is right. It's no coincidence that people are suddenly becoming deficient in vitamin D, they have made everyone terrified of the sun. xx

  • It's nice to see you stilltruckin, and I hope your partner's doing well.

    The benefits of Vitamin D3 for COPD were talked about a lot at the beginning of last year when there was a lot of evidence that it helped with so many diseases. The Daily Mail mentions reduced occurrence and length of exacerbations, but there are also claims that it helps with muscle strength including respiratory muscles and therefore reduces breathlessness. It's also important in strengthening bones which is important in avoiding or slowing osteoporosis which all steroid takers are at a risk of having.

    I did ask my GP, but I'd take it even if he said I didn't need to. I do think it helps. x

  • Good to "see" you Sue. Xx 👍😘

  • Thought it was time I peeped out of the closet, sassy. Next task is to fill out my profile, but this is much more interesting. Hello to you and Pete. Hope he's having a good day. xxx

  • Glad you did Sue and look forward to the profile update.

    Pete is ok at the moment thank you, touching wood as l type! 😉Xxxx

  • Thank you still standing and good to see you around, and sorry to hear partner is poorly, hope there's a recovery soon I've only just started taking vit D, this is because my partner has recently 'ish been diagnosed with MS, primary progressive, still waiting for NHS to pick him up, (got a consultant through work related private health care) consultant said he will have to have vic D injections, this is benifical for MS, so went to H&B and bought high strength, partner says he's noticing a difference. So what's K2 and can I buy that at H&B? Lovely Autum sunshine here, partner resting, granddauighter asleep, and I'm reading Saturday's papers, bliss xxxx

  • H&B do sell it.


    'In nature, vitamin K is found in two forms: vitamin K1 (phylloquinone) in leafy, green vegetables, and vitamin K2 (menaquinone) in organ meats, egg yolks, and dairy products.

    Vitamin K is required by the human liver to manufacture blood-clotting proteins (factors II, VII, IX, X; and proteins S and C). This is the basis for administering the vitamin K-blocking drug, warfarin (Coumadin®) to people who have blood clots or are at risk for blood clot formation, since clot formation is effectively suppressed by the drug.

    Determination of the human need for vitamin K was therefore based on the amount necessary to maintain a normal balance between blood clotting and thinning. Blood shouldn’t be excessively “thinned” and prone to abnormal bleeding, nor excessively “thick” and prone to clotting in the wrong place.

    Beyond its role in blood clotting, recent research has revealed that vitamin K also plays a vital role in maintaining healthy bones and arteries by keeping calcium in the bones and out of the arteries.

    Unfortunately, the recommended dietary intake of vitamin K required for blood clot regulation is much lower than that required for optimal bone and arterial health.'

  • There has been so much talk about this especially on here

    I thought it can cause other health problems if you use a high dose of this and are not vit d deficient ??

    This may be useful for some families

  • Overdose is rare but possible. 'Official' maximum indefinite daily dosage is 10,000 IU

  • Yeah thats what i used to take but stopped when my doctor said my vit d levels were ok so confused whether or not i should have continued but i have a recollection of information saying you needed vit d3 not vit d and vit k i think it was

    Any idea ???

  • Adequate for bone health is far less than optimum for immunity and general health. We evolved to spend all day naked under a tropical sun . . .

    D3 is the form of vitamin D produced by the action of sunlight on the skin. There is an inferior (for humans) form (D2) that was once common in supplements but rarely seen anymore.

  • How great to 'see ' you again SS I've missed you.

    This is an odd coincidence Mandy has also posted today about the Daily Mail & vitamin A. I remember some time ago there was a man on here saying how much his wife had improved on Vit A & vit D. He got a hard ride from lots of posters, but it seems from these two posts today that he definitely had a point.

    Thanks for posting this

    Love Sohara

  • thx forv all of ur posts going to look if hd vitd is 2 or 3 I cant affofrd any vit k what does that do please

  • See 7 posts up for vit K2 info.

  • Thank you stilltruckin. Hope your partner's recovery going well.

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