Hi my name is Marg and i have been on this site for a few weeks now. After having a problem breathing after all the test they found out i had a damaged ventricle in my heart and also have artrial fillibration caused by chemo and radiation for breast cancer. A few weeks ago after more tests i now have copd. I was wondering if you know anyone with the same malady and what the up shot is. I live in Oz Queensland and the summers are hot and humid hard to breathe as well.

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  • Welcome Marg, you have more than your fair share of problems it seems. I hope things get sorted out for you and you can live a long life with COPD. Nice to hear from you. Xxx

  • Thank you so much. Wonderful to hear from you. I am doing my best to get over all these hurdles. I keep myself busy as i have 2 fur babies border collie and maltese a possum and her baby and all the different birds and parrots in my garden. Next week i have to see my cardiologist and hopefully the ticker has improved.

  • Fingers crossed for you Marg. xxxxx

  • Thank you sassy will let you all know next week

  • A very warm welcome to you. cx

  • Thank you for your reply and warm welcome. I never expected a reply so soon. Hope we keep in touch.

  • Hi Marg, I have left ventricle dilated cardiomyopathy, AF and have had bronchiectasis for 63 years. I keep taking the drugs for the heart and doing what I should for the chest and most importantly, getting on with life. The folks on here are great. you can ask them anything and there are many with lots of experience of living with COPD.

  • Yes i have been following all the posts for some time now. So friendly and uplifting. Its great and yes i am also on heart tabs and bloodthinners. For the copd i have ventolin, symbicort and onbreeze in the morning. Seems to help except when it is 38 deg and humid it is a struggle but i sit in the aircon room with my two dogs. Thanks again talk soon. All the best

  • Welcome to the site, Marg. You have a lot to deal with. You have come to the right place. I to, am an animal lover. Have 12 cats. 🐺 Bit of a crazy cat lady! 😁😁 Also have a fox, raccoon and a possum at my job. We love pets on here. Look forward to getting to know you...Ruby🌹

  • Hello Marg, very nice to meet you! I also have afib for which I take Sotalol, have to avoid triggers as well plus copd with emphysema. No fun


  • Hi Marg, I find I need aircon in this hot and humid Queensland weather. I have multiple conditions, too. The best therapy for me is dogs, chooks, budgies, and lots of cups of tea! And lots of sleep! All the best, Carol (near Ipswich)

  • Hi Carol yes these aircons are absolutely a must have. Ipswich is so much hotter than Brisbane. The furry babies are good company my galah talks his head off at times never a dull moment keeps me busy and not dwell on all the other things. You take care and hopefully we keep in touch and maybe meet each other. Bye for now. Marg

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