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Wheezy woes 🤒Asthma/bronchiectasis

Hi Everyone , finished my 5 day course of steroids last Monday , ended up in out of hours last night doc advised multi dose on ventolin . My ribs are agony but can't work out if it's coming off cough or if I feel swollen inside . Sorry if this sounds silly but I've only managed 2 1/2 hours sleep . Is it wrong to get wee one out to school & go back to bed ??? 😴😴

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You need your rest Polly. Get your sleep when you can!

Take care and I hope that you're feeling much better soon.


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Thank you Pam x


please make an appointment with your GP or nurse may need more steroids or antibiotics.

The Ventolin will open your airways to help you breathe , but you need the underlying cause of your pain investigated.

The nurse at the BLF helpline may be available to give advice....but please ring your surgery .

Best wishes


Multi dise ventolin through spacer is excellent -I had about 3 hrs sleep then 10 doses 2 hours sleep and another 10 the other night before the antibiotics kicked on during the day


One squirt of ventolin only in spacer at a time I was told and repeat multiple times -breathing happens!


Thanks Mardi for the advice x


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