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Hi all hope you're coping this is going to be short because hard to type and non stop cough. Gp changed my medication from citalopram to mirtazapine email 2 days ago. Since which I've had a dry mouth and now coughing choking and throwing up frothy Fleming with dark grey tinge and grey/light green thick mucus. Also leaking a lot of urine when cough. No temperature but very weak. Any advice please. I can't get to Dr have to call them early morning for appointment on day and can never get in on a Monday. I've taken my salbutamol but it's not stopping the painful cough.

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  • Hi sorry you are having a bad time at the moment. The only thing I would advise Is to phone NHS 24 or see if you can speak to your GP over the phone. you maybe having an allergic reaction to the tablets let us know how you get on

  • Yes I agree, and seems urgent. I would call today for a telephone appointment and discuss it. Is there any chance you may simultaneously have developed an infection?

  • Will do just had another massive bout. Thanks for advice.

  • I think it is that can't get to a and e don't want to waste their time. It comes and goes. Thanks for help.

  • Ask for an emergency appointment or a telephone appointment

  • Will do thanks

  • I'm a bit late to suggest you follow the advice already given, so I really hope you already have! We can't advise you but a doctor needs to see you. I do hope you're soon better. Sue

  • It stopped for awhile this afternoon so decided to wait to phone gp in morning. But just had it plus white foam for last hour very tight chest and hot now but staying calm.

  • Lbrook

    Me too, but certainly hope you have done something about it by now. Plenty of sound advice here, so do not neglect yourself - it is important that you take action. I'd ring 111 without delay. This is why they are there.


  • Speak to gps practise manager, explain your symptoms and ask for emergency appt or failing that call 111 for advice and chat with doctor. If symptoms worsen dial 999 service, only you know if that's necessary, but don't forget lungs have to work to keep us alive!!

  • It's calmed but I'm prepared for another. Darenth go to sleep. Will call at 8.30am if I'm awake. Thanks

  • Hope you have sought help and got it Lbrook. Seemed urgent to me. Xxxx

  • Still rough but calmed down thanks will definitely call in morning.

  • Dear Lbrook hopefully by now you will have called the BLF Helpline or the NHS 111 number for some advice etc. Sorry that I'm so late to join in your conversation. Never sit indoors,suffering in silence when you're feeling that unwell. Believe me - I did and paid the penalty for it,with instant admission into our local hospital for 4 days!! Please do let us all know how you are feeling tomorrow. Take care.

  • Thanks if it comes back again I will call them didn't know what to do at time. Everyone especially comments have helped. Thankyou so much.

  • Have been to drs she said it wasn't because of the medication and it's an infection. Prescribed antibiotics.

  • Hi glad to hear you have been to see your GP. Hope you feel better soon take care x

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