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i have had copd for 14yrs, couple mths ago a new inhaler turned up, SIRDULPA(white)

i struggled for three wks, had get doctor out was so bad, had been on fluticasone/salmeteral for some time,

ive had to fight to get back my original prescription, i beleive money is route these changes, i beileive SIRDULPA may be trial, 2 mths later i am struggling with breathing, i beileive that 3 wk on sirdulpa has worsened my condition, i now need nebuliser more, and i am also asking specialist nurse to come and advise me



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So sorry the new melds did not work never had the ones you have was on spivira and fostair then had an appointment for first time with consultant who I was not happy with she put me on new one and told not to take the ones I had but was worse on her new one so phoned my Doc and told him I was not taking it anymore and wanted to go back to the ones I had which he agreed to. Think it is awful you can't easily go back to ones you had am afraid I would persist take care and hope you can get this sorted..

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